Limited Resources: Theros Sealed Deck 8-Person Queue #1

This week Marshall shakes things up by joining one of the new 8-person Sealed Theros queues instead of a draft!

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  1. “Our white is mediocre . . . our blue is mediocre . . . our black is pretty solid . . . our red is mediocre . . . and our green is super solid”

    Really, Marshall? Green and black are solid? I’m totally surprised by that. I’m really shocked to see you play green/black in Theros limited. Oh man, its just so surprising.

  2. Uh, pools may vary, champ. It’s important to evaluate each one to see what the strong colors are.

  3. To be extra fair, Marshall has only played BG in 63% of his THS Limited videos ;) :

    1 – BG
    2 – BW
    3 – BG
    4 – WR
    5 – BG
    6 – BG
    7 – WU
    8 – BG

    I think it is just that those are the strong, deep, controlling colours. By comparison, Simon (from Simon Says) has played black 4/6 times and green 4/6 times (incl. 1 splash). Those were not always BG together, sometimes UG or BU, but still, I don’t think it is just Marshall. That’s just the way THS is working out.

    I’m happy with the cool, free content. Keep up the good work, Marshall!

  4. Wondering if the Sable (2/1 for 2) would’ve been better than the Steed with only one Gary that cares about the devotion. I agree with everything else though (and also just wondering, not sure at all if Sable is actually better).

  5. Watching this (esp. the last two rounds) reminds me of almost every game of Theros I’ve played.

  6. Did Marshall have some place to go? That’s the only explanation I can see for rushing his attackers into a board state that would destroy him if his R3G3 opponent had a trick that Marshall already knew was in their deck. His opponent had him at a 20 turn clock at that point, he could have tried to develop his board more.

  7. r2g2: why did you choose the line you did at the end of the game? if you aren’t blocking with the courser and put a counter on it anyways, why not play the miscutter hydra and put him on a three turn clock? nemesis didn’t have trample before nylea hit the battlefield. you in theory needed a steady stream of chump blockers and already had two in hand. you usually are very good about explaining why the line you choose can be a winning line, but this time it felt like you weren’t thinking in that way.

  8. I’m sure it couldn’t have anything to do with G and B being good colors in the format. I’m sure Marshall built his deck this way specifically to piss #4Fan off.

  9. R2G2: Instead of putting that first counter on the courser he should have chumped the nemesis and finished it with pharika’s cure right then. The acolyte basically ended the game on the next turn by threatening monstrous for the Nem.

    I know it’s a 2:1 and no one likes that but sometimes it’s what you’ve gotta do to get a big threat out of the way.

  10. R2G1: Why did you play your Lash of the Whip before damage has been dealt? There are only a few cards that punish you for that play (I think only Magma Jet, Spark Jolt and Lightning Strike – one card that shouldn’t be in main decks and the other two your opponent would have probably casted before on your Satyr or Hydra), while if you wait you don’t get blown out by Voyage’s End and perhaps he even goes for a combat trick and you trade 2-for-1

    R2G2: Don’t know if it would have helped, but before playing the Artisan’s Sorrow on his Enchantment, I would have played the Hydra for 5 and tried to race. You attack for 9 and you can cast the Artisan’s Sorrow still in your next upkeep if you want to dig

    R3G1: Why didn’t you consider attacking with both your creatures after he made the Wolf Monstrous? He was at 9 life and had the wolf plus the Alseid. You can attack with both your creatures: If you are really lucky he is greedy and eats your satyr and doesn’t block the Asp (going to 1, so you can kill with Merchant), the other to outgoings are probably good for you to: either you are trading your Satyr for the Alseid (he chumps with Alseid to kill the Satyr – but you still have the Eidolon left) or he takes 2 from it (he can freely attack with the Alseid, but trading 2 damage for 2 damage seems fine if your at 22).
    And I really hoped you figure out that Hydra-play (playing the Hydra as 5/5), but didn’t do it, because you needed 6 damage to put a counter on the Eidolon. But you can still to that, because he still need to block the Hydra, because if he don’t, you simple can put the counter on the Hydra (also at least one other creature would get through anyway)

    R3G2: Why don’t you just play your second Phyrica’s Cure on his freshly played Eidolon end of turn? At this stage of the game other small creature normal doesn’t matter that much, and if you draw a land you want to play other stuff anyway (and the Deathtouch matters extremely if you want to play that Asp)

  11. Seems to me great deal of the hemming and hawing in R2G2 is the result of forgetting that bow gives deathtouch… a lesson I’ve learned repeatedly the hard way.

  12. Hello good sir,
    thank you for another great portion of videos. I was just again wandering about that prophet splash. In my opinion it is always worth to splash it in controlling decks from 2 islands. On the other hand I can understand that with 2 cures and bow you want to be as consistent as possible. Would you mind to share a few thoughts after the deed to educate us a bit, please?

  13. I’m calling it right now, Marshall is having a love affair with Shelly…poor Elmer…

    Somewhere the Wongnoceros smiles….

  14. Just another note to add to the others..

    R2G1: When you attacked your Nessian Asp into his Nessian Asp and Fox you should have attacked with everything instead. He’s forced to double block unless he wants to let you just eat one of his big guys which means that you get in an extra three damage for free. Since he was at 8 that’s a pretty big deal and almost made the difference in the game.

  15. Wouldn’t the Staunched-Hearted Warrior be pretty decent instead of the Steed ?

    If you left Scourgemark in and took Artisan’s Sorrow out, you would have at least 2 chances to get the heroic trigger.

  16. I’ve played several sealed queues now, I have never played against as many decks that were actually pretty good, or did as well as your opponents and/or you did in this draft.

    I’m really glad that the good opponents must wait for you to queue up to play against you, or the shuffler just wants your limited games to look super interesting for the videos. That was pretty insane.