Limited Resources: VMA Draft #1

“I love Vintage, but it’s so expensive now.” – Alexandra Roach

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  1. Ah, the whole R/W aggro beatdown! Gotta love them goblins and white weenies! I just now cut white hard pack 1, get passed lots of good white in the pack 2, and then pick up the choice of red in the last pack. Has been working for me!

  2. I find 9 times out of 10 blue in VMA is just a trap. Every single person always fights over it. One person always gets that sweet goblins deck because everyone else is just passing them away.

  3. storm deck is also underrated see lsv’s video for tutorials :) Anyway Marshall entertaining as always,love it when you pick also the money cards.Luxurious not to take cards worth at least one pack.

  4. Marshall, I want to see you win!

    Probably not too helpful, since I have zero doubt that you want to win as well.

  5. On match 2 game 3, why not just torture twice to get rid of both his goblins?

  6. Because that’s not what Tyrant’s Choice does?

    “Starting with you, each player votes for death or torture. If death gets more votes, each opponent sacrifices a creature. If torture gets more votes or the vote is tied, each opponent loses 4 life.”

    Please explain how voting for “torture twice”, would get rid of both of the opponents goblins.

  7. Hey thanks for rooting for me guys :) I’ve been on a nice winning streak with VMA in the last week or so, making the finals three times and winning two times in my last 5 drafts. I haven’t found any sweet new decks or anything, but staying open and drafting the good decks seems to be working just fine.

    Thanks as always for the comments, I appreciate all of them even if they are critical :)

    - Marshall

  8. VMA is … very strange. It is very much an aggro set. You have to work hard to not get pushed into a deck loaded with 2 drops. It sort of spoils the fun, the best decks always end with the game two turns away. Control is in a very rough spot when they can’t design a place for it in Vintage Masters.