Limited Resources: VMA Draft #2

“Do what you love and the necessary resources will follow.” – Peter McWilliams

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  1. That screech seemed way to greedy to me, at least after you cut the 2nd trapper I would never have run that :o well, not seen how it worked out yet tho, so maybe it will.

    Also, lastly, seeing no Beetleback AND no Commando pack 1 really made it seem like goblins was not open. So trying to wheel the Slither was kinda optimistic (though I agree that Fireblast is actually not much worse^^)

  2. Of course you pick slither, lots of chances of getting fireblast from this and next pack, but not a rare that is made for a goblin deck, jeez.
    Slither just wins you games, you play it, sac 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 goblins and just bash with haste trample for 1000 and win.

  3. Also on a small note your 1/Xs can attack into Nomad just fine, since Nomad will lose a counter to a 1/1 just as he will to a 20/20 – missed 2 potential points game 1 for example ;)

  4. -Forces Goblins arbitrarily, uses 0 draft skills
    -thinks Battle Screech in a Goblin deck is good
    -picks Fireblast over Slither, Spark Spray over Aftershock, etc.

    another case for Marshall Sutcliffe’s poor understanding of Magic

    this dude sees hundreds of pro drafts, learns nothing, thinks like a new player -_-

    pretty sure even Rich Hagon is 10x better

  5. That was the best astral slide deck I ever made, straight up, game two couldn’t find bolt. It was so sad.

  6. commando not being able to target a player match 3 was super painful. ggs

  7. is there a reason for thinning out all of your goblins with matron before using ringleader? Use ringleader ASAP, then use Matron to find the rest.

  8. VMA in a nutshell!

    VMA Draft #1 – draft a great deck that doesn’t include white or red – lose to Rites of Initiation and Goblins!

    VMA Draft #2 – draft goblins and win every time you cast Rites!

    It is a skill card to play in knowing when NOT to play it (into counterspell or tangle mana), but it sort of summarizes Brian Wong’s attitude toward VMA – whomever draws the nut draw with their deck wins.

    Aftershock has risen in my opinion – best way to deal with certain cards otherwise hard to deal with – Wild Mongrel, etc. You just have to be willing to play it early and not wait on it!

    I also am not that impressed with Brilliant Halo as a card, but every time I run up against white weenie aggro, it seems to over perform for just a +1 power card!

  9. Marshall, I think you should have given more consideration to playing Smokestack in your deck, and then also Battle Screech. I would have played those two cards over both Fireblasts. Fireblast is obviously insane in a dedicated aggressive deck, but I don’t think your deck was as aggressive as it seemed. Most games where you drew Fireblast, it did nothing, just occupied a spot in your hand for multiple turns. The line your deck kept forcing your toward was Matron for Matron for Matron, which is about the most durdley, grindiest thing I can imagine. 1/1s for 3 make poor aggro cards (unless you miraculously draw Rites of Initiation every game), but they make great fodder for a Smokestack.

    Just a different interpretation on what your deck seemed to be wanting to do.

    Thanks, as always, for the content.

    - Tony

  10. as usual, an unenjoyable watch, forces goblins for no reason, ignoring green signal from the right