Limited Resources: VMA Draft #3

“The human mind is our fundamental resource.” – John F. Kennedy

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  1. Please read Phantom Nomad. If you deal it 1 damage with a token or Ophidian, it becomes a 1/1. Great videos!

  2. Idk how to do it any different, but Dack’s Duplicate on Crater Hellion seemed like a bad play when you you couldn’t pay the echo and you didn’t attack. Two for one’d yourself just to get a hulking goblin off the table?

  3. I can’t wait until next week when Kezzerdrix has to love all videos because they’re not using the beta any more.

  4. I don’t know if other people have this issue but your vidies always become desynced for me.

  5. Please explain your picks. There is a lot of i take man o war because i like man o war. Etc.

  6. Burly, the only other options he had were Hulking Goblin, that could’t block, so he would just die right away, and the wall, which dies anyway to the Hellion, has a higher chance of being killed by spells since it has 1 less points of constitution, and doesn’t kill the Goblin. Hellion was the better option.

  7. Martin, “I take Man o’ war because i like Man o’ war” does sound like an explanation to me. If he did pick because of some particular reason, he would have probably explained it, but fact is, there isn’t a technical reason he is favouring it over other cards. He just likes the card because it works pretty well for him and he enjoys playing it. Sometimes you just choose a card over another because you like playing with it by your personal taste. It’s not like the card per se is super-synergic with anything else, it’s just pretty straightforward. You play it, it bounces a dude. It’s good because it gives you tempo while putting a body on the board at the same time. Balances the battlefield if you are behind and gives you an edge if you are ahead. It’s so self-explanatory that it hardly needs an explanation.