Limited Resources: Zendikar (ZZW) Draft #1

Marshall plays the out-of-print draft format ZZW (Zendikar-Zendikar-Worldwake) to change things up before Born of the Gods is released online.

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  1. It’s been a while since I drafted ZZW, but when you’re in black and open Urge to Feed, I’m pretty sure you do a happy jig and windmill slam it.

  2. OH MAN, I never played the format but was ready to shout at the screen when you didn’t take that time to feed.

    Still a great draft, though!

  3. r1g2: since you’re sacing the hexmage, you should put it on omnath and outfitter on mob. you don’t take 8 from omnath, and the outfitter eats a 1/1 mob.

  4. Johm is right. I was jelling at the screen when you blocked like that. You shouldn’t have taken any damage there.

  5. “Sometimes you just tap mana and they concede…”

    If only it ever worked like that for me. You lead a charmed life Marshall.

  6. How the hell did that last guy get that deck. Seriously, what the hell. Two Ruthless Cullblades, at least one Disfigure, at least one of each of the vampire 1-drops, the value went on and on.

  7. By the way, in case Marshall (or any of the other academy faculty members ;) ) is actually looking at these posts, I would LOVE to see a Limited Resources of MD5, too!

  8. I probably would have taken Urge to Feed out of that last pack, seems like a decent removal with conditional upside. Then again, I haven’t drafted Zendikar yet, so who knows.