Loading Ready Run Draft #56: Vintage Goblins

Graham and James try their young hands at Vintage Masters and discover that Goblins have always been powerful.

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  1. I really think not playing anhk was a mistake, that card is INSAAAAANE! especially in a faster that like yours it would have dealt so much damage

  2. This format is sooo sweet and so was the deck, and of course you guys are still amazing. Thanks for the content.

  3. R3G2: I think the best way to deal with the Lightning Dragon would have bean Aftershock. But not aftershocking the dragon – destroying a land! That way your opponent looses a land AND can’t pay Echo, loosing the dragon, too. (And you forgot to Flashback the Battle Screeches in this game, after your opponent stifled the first attempt – probably that would be enough to be faster than the Torch ;) )

  4. green was for armadillo cloak Brosephs. And flashback that screech mofo’s you be trippin’ sweet draft though holmes, I feel ya. Big love to your sacks and that. Keep it real.

  5. There were several mis-plays, but that’s what I like about R/W – it seems to be forgiving of mis-plays, playing with suboptimal cards, none of it matters much!

    Just Goblin Trenches, a little goblin synergy (Goblin Matrons should be a higher priority pick – in a since she turns into whichever goblin you need the most at the moment), Battle Screeches, and some removal/burn for the wins!

  6. Copying the chain lighting back at you is dangerous when you can then make yet another copy.

  7. Good work, guys! Great draft. I find that the aggressive decks get there pretty often in Vintage Masters while people are mucking about with other stuff.

  8. Agreed with Christian above, I was “raging” at my PC for the battle screeches in particular ^^

    You could also have been super very mean at the last game and destroy a 2nd mountain with the blow up card, forgot the name, the one that deals 3 dmg to you ^^ not like it would have changed much, anyway!

  9. I have to agree with all the other posters on Battle Screech. This might be the first deck I’ve seen where Battle Screech was actively bad since you only have three white creatures (Basandra and 2 Battle Screeches). You probably should only splash white for Swords, Trenches, and Basandra.

  10. Trevor: Don’t forget, as noted, the Trenches also make white creatures; I think the screeches were fine, especially since they had two.

    The main problem was that they didn’t flash it back in game 2, when they weren’t attacking with their tokens anyway, and a flying blocker would have been the difference between dying to that Torch or not.

  11. I would have aftershocked a land in round 1 game 2 to put him off from flashbacking his bears for a turn.

  12. Loved the draft guys.
    Having him on 4 hp at the end of R3G2 highlighted that you skipped flashing back Screech earlier (17:21,18:38) which would have been either that 4 more damage or air blocks.

  13. Yay for the Faith no More songtext!

    Great draft guys. Be agressive with goblins? I never knew. :P

  14. I’m pretty sure you wanted all four of your two-drop goblins – they’re incredibly mediocre, sure, but your game plan isn’t blocking anyways, and your Goblin Generals get a LOT better when you’re not just playing them on an empty board. You might even have wanted to run an Emissary or two – having more cheap white creatures makes your Screeches a lot better, and just in general, aggressive decks want a critical mass of two drops – especially evasive ones that remain relevant into the late game
    Plus, as mentioned, you DEFINITELY wanted to run the Ankh – it’s like a mini Sulfuric Vortex if you get it down early, and if you’ve ever played – or played against – mono-red in a cube draft, you’ll know exactly how bonkers THAT is. It’s a little awkward as a late-game topdeck, obviously, but the same is true of pretty much all two-drops in aggressive limited formats.
    During the draft, I really think you should have been prioritizing Chain Lightnings over Aftershocks and, well, pretty much everything else – their mana efficiency is incredible, and the ability to burn out your opponent is (as noted with Kaervek’s Torch) incredibly powerful.
    ((Was definitely “screeching” at my screen when you forgot to flashback the Battle Screech R3G2 – ;) – but congrats on getting there anyways! You guys are seriously tempting me to get into MTGO drafting just so I can hop into some Vintage Masters drafts and force Goblins. :P))