Loading Ready Run Draft #57: Vintage Masters Canada Day Draft

It was Canada Day for Canadians, and — I suppose — for non-Canadians, too. Celebrate the United States’ favorite hat with LoadingReadyRun’s Vintage Masters draft.

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  1. game 2 round one if you killed trapper it would have been the top creature and you have ways to deal with it easier than the tusker

  2. match 1 game 3 you couldve killed yourself with aftershock. just sayin

  3. I don’t understand taking the Cougar over Kindle. Kindle is solid, reliable removal. Otherwise, enjoyed your draft as always!

  4. Pfffft. Its not like everyone else drafts red/white all the time, including almost ever VM submission on mtgo academy. What a lame rule this was. And I’m Canadian ffs. :S

  5. If you see Grenzo and you’re playing goblins, you take Grenzo and find a way to splash him. Plus he truly is hilarious and has an awesome name!

  6. Last round was miserable. You guys were just ignoring what some of the cards did for multiple turns. Not to mention holding on to Afterlife for too long. Unfortunate.

  7. Without even criticizing the plan (Grenzo) this is hard to watch at multiple points, for a couple of reasons. Dude in match 1 can’t speak because he’s mowing constant food. Seriously?

  8. So hard to watch VMA ever since I did a six pack sealed and got two copies of City in a Bottle.

  9. I was very, very excited to see that this was a Canada Day draft, as my family are direct descendants of Charles Tupper. But I stopped watching @ 6:38 of the draft portion when you took foil Prophetic Bolt over a Red or White card.

    Felt disrespected when you abandoned the Canada Day national colours for the United States’ Red, White, and Blue. Even entertaining the idea of splashing blue is irrevocably disgraceful.

    If you’re going to draft a tribute in honour our great country, don’t stain it with colours of greed. (R/W&U)

  10. Even entertaining the idea of splashing blue is irrevocably disgraceful, given that playing it would make your deck Blue, White, and Red, defeating the entire purpose of the draft by Americanizing it. How could you even consider such an idea, let alone lust for it so greedily? And on Canada Day? wtf

    Do you know how disrespectful compromise at the expense of your nation is? It’s tantamount to treason. Passing away that Red Goblin was passing away opportunity to stay true to your country. I could hear your kinsman cringing, politely silent as you clicked Prophetic Bolt and spoke so highly of it.

    @ The man talking with the mouse, picking Prophetic Bolt on Canada Day: Your thoughtlessness is shameful. Move south.

  11. “The old LRR 2 and 1″.

    Did you know, Windmill Slam also has their old 2 and 1. Not sure if you need to team up sometime or fight it out, but clearly something needs to happen.

  12. jon, it’s easy to say that in hindsight, but he had no info at all on the deck. How was he supposed to know his opponent had a way to revive a creature, not mentioning even HAVING a Tusker in the first place.

  13. Why play the Drill Sergeant if you’re never ever going to use it? Your deck needs that card advantage. Passing it up to play a card from your hand is just giving up card advantage.