Loading Ready Run Draft #59: Convocation

Graham & James experience the might of masses with the new/returning mechanic: Convoke!

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  1. Why would you cut the Rhino?! That card is insane. It basically makes your opponent chump block every turn if they want to stay alive against it.

  2. You should read all the text on Spirit Bonds. Round 3 Game 2 there’s no reason for Cathar to die when you can make him indestructible.

  3. @Chad – Eh, personal preference, I think we had enough good 5+ mana spells.

    @SirFace – Well I’ll be damned, I had definitely been reading ability #2 wrong. I guess it worked out but, yeah that’s fair.

  4. Yeah, I’m 12-0 now with my white/green convoke decks. Not sure if broken, but also sure it’s not not broken…

  5. Hi,

    R3 opponent here. My deck was big creatures and big removal. 2 Thundering Giant, 2 Miner’s Bane, 2 Pillar Of Light, 2 Blastfire Bolt, 2 Covenant of Blood, 1 In Garruk’s Wake (sideboard) and misc other stuff. Worked great in the first two rounds, but against tokens it was hopeless. Frankly, this deck should have been 0-3 or 1-2, so 2-1 seems just fine to me :)

    - I tanked at the beginning because I recognized your user name and was googling to double check. Alas, you were not live streaming. That would have been useful.
    - Why did I cast only three spells? Because those were the only spells I could cast. I didn’t want to Gravedigger for Altac Bloodseeker, but it was that or do nothing. Maybe the 2/2 could block long enough for me to pull out a fatty… nope.
    - I targeted the Selfless Cathar because I had nothing else better to do with the Blastfire Bolt. It’s either the Cathar or a token. If I target the token I definitely get the token. If I target the Cathar I maybe get the Cathar but at least get a token.
    - I did in fact have a Festergloom, but never drew it.
    - The double chump block at the end was a misclick. Didn’t matter anyway ;)

  6. You could have won game 1 round 1 by convoking the overwhelm with one of your soldiers leaving up a green for rangers guile to protect your pride-mate and swinging out.

    still good videos though.

  7. I haven’t had a chance to draft M15 yet and only played 1 pre-release, looking forward to it in the future!

  8. The overwhelm turn in M3G2 was pretty awkward from everyone involved. If the opponent had chumped the Chieftain with the Altarac then he lives on 2 life and swings back for lethal with the Miner’s Bane.

  9. Entertaining as always, but do a search for “High Rising Terminal” on wikipedia and tell me you don’t think of these guys.

  10. On that last game…
    Had he blocked your 7/7 with the bloodseeker and didn’t block with the bane at all…
    He’d be taking 12, staying barely alive, then pumping his bane twice and do exactly 8 to you.
    That could have been a very sad ending.

    Honestly not sure how could you play around it, but that swing, given the board state and what you had in hand.. I was shouting why why and then that guy blocked the way he did and I couldn’t help it but shout why why even louder.

    Well I really enjoyed this draft anyway, I like it better when you win.

  11. So did you just forget about the second half of Spirit Bonds? At the very least you could have sacrificed the spirit to give the cathar indestructible in response to the Cone of Flame, and I feel like there was at least one other place where you had the mana up to use it.

  12. Is there some place where we can suggest silly drafting themes for you to do? And please, while you still have time, remember to do a Theros Storytime draft.

  13. you should put more silly conditions on these drafts. The best ones to watch are those where you have a restriction, “you must take this type of card” drafts. — essentially: what I really miss is the LRR wacky part of these “wacky drafts”; I don’t enjoy watching as much when you just draft normally. =\

  14. Well, at least we know they’re going to force the artifacts deck one of these days, and they’re going to try their hardest to get an Ensoul Artifact on an Ornithopter. But yeah, I want more silly drafts too.

  15. [1][W], sac a spirit: Target creature is indestructible.

    That’s an ability you fools never used.

  16. while drafting you pass a Heliod’s Pilgrim saying you “don’t have any uaras” neglecting the fact that Verdant Haven is an Aura + Lifegain + Ramp spell, making Heliod’s Pilgrim more on-plan with what your deck is trying to do

  17. you guys are so ridiculously bad at paying attention to SIGNALS!

    you open a Nightfire Giant, and instead take the nonbo overrun that taps your creatures you want to attack with… this isn’t sealed

    and then get passed the best Red Removal spell, the 2nd Best Red Removal spell and don’t realize you’re supposed to be in B/R?

    then you have the nerve to complain about all the late Black cards, including a late Red like Goblin Kaboomist? you totally punted the drafting portion

    tl;dr: PAY ATTENTION TO SIGNALS! don’t pass the #1 uncommon and #1 removal spell in the format when it’s handed to you 2nd, and don’t pass a 3rd pick Lightning Strike

    frick guys pay attention to what colours are going around the first 10 picks,don’t just force retardedStafflifegainunfocuseddo-nothinguncastablespells.dec

  18. You guys mentioned Hivelord. I did my first 8-4 last night and I don’t know what possessed me to do so but I grabbed a 4th pick Hivelord and went deep. Wound up with Constricting and 7 other slivers.

    I only made it to round 2, but you guys will have lots of fun if you manage to do slivers. Verdant haven is your friend!

    Don’t listen to the haters, I love watching your drafts guys :)

  19. erm rite, did you forget which channel this is on? this isn’t a pro players channel. this isn’t even a channel for 8-4s (although they do play those when not creating content).
    also, they freakin 3-0′d the event! clearly they didn’t take the wrong cards if they won every match.
    they cast all their “uncastable, do nothing” spells several times, and won almost every time because of those spells.
    whilst this isn’t a “wacky” draft (those are the ones with restrictions), it’s still a casual draft, and is therefore much more entertaining.