Loading Ready Run Draft #60: Feelin’ Blue

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  1. Did you not realize that when you use turn to frog it would have lost flying. So playing the welkin turn that can only block flyers would been a huge fail. the correct play was to pay the defender and look to trade your 3 3 defender and turn to frog for his scudder and mark of honor because it would have lost flying with the turn to frog

  2. Although crippling blight blows you out. if he waits till you have already blocked before casting it on your defender. I think it was still your best play because you was in bad shape. lol

  3. Several times there – “let’s go to blockers” – no, with Turn to Frog interactions, many times you need to cast it before going to blockers.

    Fun deck anyway – sorry to not see the dream of a Turn 2 Ensoul Artifact!

    James, you are a much more thoughtful player when running the computer – with Graham, you are usually like yeah, whatever! to Graham’s suggestions!

    Thanks for the videos!

  4. Paul in answer to your question on indestructable rules in r1
    Indestructable says that the permanent cant be destroyed so hot soup will try to and fail (if i am wrong lets hope cunninghams law works (“the best way to get the right answer on the Internet is not to ask a question, it’s to post the wrong answer.”))

  5. Hey guys. Love your videos. If you need some suggestions for wacky draft ideas, here are a few:

    If something has convoke, you have to take it regardless of color.

    Force each mono-color

    Do the quadruple-blind draft again (One person for each pack, and then someone else makes the deck. Draft all cards into the sideboard, and keep the sideboard hidden)

    bearforce 2 (Since you already did bearforce 1)

    Try to have equal numbers of cards of each color at the end of the draft. To encourage this, you have to play whichever color you have the least cards in.

    Chain Draft. For each card you pick, you have to come up with a connection to the previous card.

    Draft a tribal deck.

    First pack, only CMC 4 or below, second pack only CMC 5 or above. Third pack, tie it all together.

  6. I agree. As Charlotte Sable puts it “can’t always beats can in Magic” — indestructible says can’t be destroys, that chumps Hot Soup’s destroy instruction.

    *(I’m sure there’s an edge case where can beat can’t).

  7. definitely could have played gargoyle at end leaving turn to frog open and then killing the scudded as it attacks as a 3/3 vigilance without flying. Then next turn, stop attacking and leave up polymorphous jest with your two welkins out to double block the child of night.

  8. Guys (& sometimes girl)-

    I’m a fan, I love your skits, and I used to enjoy your draft videos. However, it seems like you’ve really kind of drifted towards the middle, making draft videos that are pretty much the same as the draft videos that everyone else makes. With the exception of occasional amusing quips it’s just more of the “this card goes in such-and-such deck, this card is no good, this card is underrated, this card goes well in this strategy” etc. I want that when I’m watching Marshall and LSV, I want cleverness and comedy from you guys.

    I know it’s unfair to keep referencing an artist’s best work, but your inspired and hilarious Innistrad Hat Draft brought no valuable Magic knowledge to the table . . . and it’s hands down your best draft video. I’ve watched it several times.

    You’re a very talented troupe. You’re average Magic drafters/players . . . and there’s no shame in that. You’re above average comedy writers and performers. Please play to your strengths.

  9. I don’t know if you missed it, but Ensoul on an artifact already on the field means that it has “haste”. Not a big deal, but you could have played that way and put even more immediate pressure on your opponent than the Soul.