Loading Ready Run Draft #62: Morphin’ Time!

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  1. Something I did not hear you mention at all was Tomb of the Spirit Dragon, the land that taps for colorless, and has “2 tap: Gain 1 life for each colorless creature you controll”

    Granted, not a great card, but in the all morph (cough) *colorless* (cough) deck, maybe it deserves at least a mention?

  2. I loved your deck and I loved watching the videos.

    The only thing that made them a little hard to watch at times was seeing you trading away your sidisis pet as a 2/2 and then losing the game. The 4 thoughness and lifelink would have stabilized you in most of these situations. From there, your deck seemed to have no troubles winning the late game.
    Still a great series of videos, keep it up!

  3. 5-color morph is definitely a thing – saw a lot of it at GP Orlando last weekend and probably going to see a lot in this weekend’s upcoming protour.

    I think you guys did underestimate the usefulness of the 1/4 lifelinker – sidisi’s pet. the 1 power for attack is useless of course, but in the one game he had the 2/2 Valley Dasher, just hard cast the pet or cast it face down and then morph it – you are gaining 1 life a turn for the rest of the game! Even the pet the last game could have potentially dug you out of your life hole and kept you out of heartpiercer range with just a couple of life!

    Nice to see you guys back to silly drafts! Here are some other ideas for KTK:

    Quiet Contemplation/Goblin Slide deck – you could even force mono-non-creature spells!

    Flip the morph deck idea – take all lands first pack and a half – then nothing but morphs the second half of pack 2 and all of pack 3.

    Force allied color pairings – probably not that fun as they would be quite underpowered.

    Azban deck – take every +1/+1 counter lord and outlast creature and even the +1/+1 instants and enchantments – actually one of the strongest archetypes to emerge from KTK so far (focusing mostly on the outlast lords) – works well in sealed and draft.

    Warriors deck is also a fun archetype!

    If you are really up for the challenge – mono-colored decks – would have to lean heavily on morphs you could never flip! Actually I would only try this if you ever open the 4-black Empty the Pits card – then try mono-black!

  4. Cool to see this so quickly, but it would have been much better if you had waited and perhaps done this when you saw a Trail of Mystery.

    Also stinks that you didn’t get that Secret Plans back, since I think it could have saved a couple situations with the extra card draw and even the extra toughness would have helped a bit.

  5. I feel like this deck should actually have slightly different priorities.

    First of all, pick fixing, even non-land fixing. Such as that 4-drop spell that tutors for 3 basic lands. Think of it as 4 mana draw 3, since that’s basically what it is. It’s useless if you’re flooded, but very good otherwise in a mana-intensive deck.

    Second priority, pick morph synergies. Morphs are much more common than cards that synergize with morph.

    Third priority is the actual morph creatures (unless you see a particularly bomb-y one).

    Also, just as a side note, I was disappointed that nobody boarded in a lens against you.

  6. Break the format! I’ve actually seen versions of the all morph deck with even more lands than what they had. I think some people just pick the lands like 2-5 picks and then just pick up all the remaining morphs they can get for picks 5-15 and when there’s no morph, just pick up something decent to go with morphs.

    I deck I recently played against had a ton of lands and sweet morphs, but it was a little slow against my Mardu aggro deck, so I managed to beat it in three games, but it was definitely close.

  7. Why in the blue hell is the audio on those videos only coming out from the left speaker channel? Your older videos didn’t have the same issue. Maybe you screwed up something in recording or uploading?

  8. I love your videos, fellas. I am a big fan of LRR, and I loved your deck.

    R2, G1, T4 you absolutely made an incorrect play. You drew into a Sidisi’s Pet, and had basic lands in your hand. Morphing the Pet was wrong. 2 of his 3 creatures had only 1 toughness. Hardcasting the Pet would have enabled you to block those two creatures without fear, as well as gain you some life.

  9. Agree with the other poster, Quiet Contemplation/Goblin Slide/non-creature deck would be sweet to try for a silly draft. Thanks for the content!

  10. I’d also like to see you stretch a Delve deck to it’s illogical conclusion. Delve or puts cards in the bin? It’s in! You might need to play a sixty card draft deck or something, but I’ve got faith you guys can somehow make it work. :)

    Howl of the Horde looks like a fun card to try to break as well… Hordeling Outburst * 3? Nine goblins! Howling Trumpet? +6/+0 until end of turn! Or even… Howling Rush of Battle? +6/+3 and triple lifelink! (Too bad it’s a rare, but still…)

  11. That end hostilities play was so obvious. It was the only attack that made sense, other than your opponent giving up the game.

  12. In Round one Game one you played the Abzan Guide as your 6th Morph creature.

    The guides colors are Green White and Black.

    The 6th Power ranger was Tommy played by Jason David Frank . He came onto the show as the green ranger, then became the white ranger. He returned to Dino Thunder in 2004 as the Black Ranger.

  13. I think you had a line against the Necropolis fiend you missed. You could have attacked with the tracker, hoped he would block with the Fiend, and then played Sarkhan second main and minus’d him. He PROBABLY wouldn’t have blocked, but if he hadn’t you still could have Sagu Maulered second main and had ground blockers.

  14. You had the hat draft in Innistrad, well khans has two distinct themes.

    1. There are ribbons everywhere
    2. Everyone is in a ridiculous pose

    Not just Jeskai, even the 3/4 Roc is in on the ribbony action. The khans are strengthened by the power of the silky fabrics.