Loading Ready Run Draft #63: LRR’s Amazing Prowess

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  1. I sit down with my coffee in the morning, click ‘play’ on the Draft video, and I immediately spit out my caffeinated nectar when I saw what was passed on 1st pick. (Not spoiling)

  2. O my god guys. I love Your silly drafts. And You are even occasionally funny, but You just play sooo badly. It makes my hair hurt. Sorry, but i had to stop watching at some point.

  3. Guys, round 2 game 1 when you had the seeker out on turn 3 you held up defiant strike. The debilitating injury was -2/-2. The prowess trigger from the defiant strike would have saved the seeker and cantripped.

    Great content though, I truly enjoy everything you guys put out. Keep up the good work!

  4. Yeah your misplays were really rough to watch, and i think you could have moved in to regular jeskai after pick 5 of pack two

  5. @John: I was thinking this too, but what I (and others probably) always forget is that Debilitating Injury is an aura, not an “until EOT” sorcery.

    I think you guys lost sight of what you were trying to do a bit. You really needed some solid creatures, but you passed up on ones (Jeering Instigator, Master of Pearls, etc) that not only could have made your deck much better, but also possibly put the people around you into your colors (making it less likely that you get passed the prowess creatures you wanted), all because they didn’t have prowess.

    Also, end of round 2, you were right in that Treasure Cruise was kind of just getting worse, so I think your out there (or a way to possibly find an out) was casting the cruise for your entire graveyard, hoping to hit an untapped land, then playing the singing bell strike.

  6. @John No, LRR got it right. Graham even says “he would still die at end of turn.” Prowess would save the seeker briefly, but Debilitating Injury is an enchantment that sticks around. It would kill him as a state-based action when Prowess wore off.

  7. @John: They mentioned that. Debilitating Injury is an enchantment though, so it would have still died when prowess wore off.

  8. Apparently two other people already said that before me. I should probably refresh before commenting, huh?

    Also, Kin-Tree Warden is the new Charging Badger. I would not be surprised if that guy was actually inspired by your Charging Badger draft. On that note, you guys should totally make that deck.

    Other draft possibilities:

    ENDLESS CARDS: Only draft cards that have “draw a card” somewhere in their text. Exceptions can be made for creatures.

    More goblins than I expected: Make a deck around goblinslide and that one spell that makes three goblin tokens.

    Bearforce 2, the Bearening: pretty sure you guys can figure out what this one is

    Doing things the right way: Only draft cards where at least one person in the art is looking to their right

    One-drops deck: If any format is the format for it, it’s probably this, as Kin-Tree warden has proven.

    Shiny pretty gold: If there’s a gold card in the pack, take it. If it’s a foil gold card, take it over other gold cards.

  9. you guys do not realize that there are only 10 prowess creatures. 4 at common (with the Jeskai wind scout being a top pick) 4 at uncommon. ( Seeker of the Way, and River wheel Aerialists being a top pick) 1 rare (red Double-strike) and 1 Mythic. this makes a mono-prowess deck all but impossible to draft without a lot of luck and heavily Favoring the bad prowess commons over other stronger picks. (picking any prowess card over any Non-prowess in your first 8 picks per pack.)

  10. This was poor, stupid, even moronic. I lost all respect for you. You SAY you are gonne make a prowessdeck, then pass 3 prowesdudes in pack 1.
    Really sad… no more LRR for me.