Loading Ready Run Draft #64: Wrath of Rares

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  1. There is a place for Altar of the Brood – try 4-pack KTK Sealed. Decks in that format only have to be 30 cards max. First time I tried that format, I saw people playing the self-mill cards and realized real quickly that mill strategy in that format will work quite well. Actually what I do is play Altar of the Brood if I get it and NO self-mill cards. Even without Altar, play no self-mill cards and then just go defensive – boards stalls are quite common in KTK and when you only have to take a person from 23 cards in library to 0 after their first 7 drawn, the “outlast” plan works pretty well. And then when the opponent plays any type of draw cards (the cantrips in white and blue, the search lands, etc.). Even had a guy playing the Secret Plans and Trail of Mystery deck in that format. His morphs did not overcome my creatures in time, and he milled himself right out both games!

  2. You know you can outlast before triggering the jeskai ascendancy and untap to do it again right?

  3. Round 2, Game 1 was possibly the best MtG comeback I’ve ever seen. Kin-Tree Invocation for 10 was just absurd.

  4. I love the R2G2 “Maybe we’re just freakin’ him out.” This is my internal justification for bad plays every time. Mind games!

  5. How about going for a Quiet Contemplation or Goblinslide Jeskai deck with, like as few creatures as possible? Try to get Hordeling Outbursts and Take Up Arms, and splash for Mardu Charm, Kin-Tree Invocation and Sorin if you can, and then just play as much removal and counterspell as you can?

    I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t work, but it might not work entertainingly.

  6. The local game store “pros” are always having a go at me for not listening to their “always taking the removal” advice. Have you tried drafting where you must always take the removal spells, no matter how bad or what colour?