Loading Ready Run Draft #65: The Red Mist

It’s Cube time, and for LRR that means mono-Red. Some great games within!

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  1. Love your videos.. TINY bit of advice.

    When you have your goblin wardriver down and you’re wondering if you should just bolt his face, the answer is usually no if he has no threats on board and 2 blue mana open.

    When you have a threat on the board and he has nothing, the impetus is on HIM to answer.

    That’s like the whole theory behind cards like land tax and winter orb and stuff. Oftentimes land tax is completely useless. And winter orb as well. But let’s say you go T1 Land tax, T2 random white weenie, then don’t play anymore lands. You are totally forcing the opponent into the situation that says, ‘Go up to 3 lands and allow me to draw three cards, and just keep taking the beats every turn.’ It’s a really sucky situation for an opponent.

    There are times when it is correct to bolt the face, but in this case, when any random 2/3 stops your war driver, and stoke the flames is better used for juicier targets (like planeswalkers, etc.), then I would say it’s correct to hold it.

    Anyways, end rant. thanks for the entertaining videos as always

  2. Just watched the draft, but ahhhhh! You want a deck that’s fun potential and you don’t include the hordeling outburst while having a purphorous?
    I was so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!
    (and no, i’m not saying it’s so strong or whatever, but it’s funny, while still being chumpers and fodder for the other sac card ^^ would probably not run that otherwise in that deck though, it’s more for the “fun component” which most likely will never happen in the games ^^)

  3. Ok, deck was really cool :D
    And damn bonnnffiiiireeeeee!!

    Agreed with first comment btw, thought the same instantly – if the board is yours and the opponent wants to keep mana for counters or whatever, his problem, let him act first, he’s taking reliable damage meanwhile and you don’t risk to lose a card for no reason – if he does something then you can use your cards.

  4. Having Purph and not taking the Hordelings makes for sad times watching the draft video. It turned out fine of course, and your deck was really good, but come on guys! You are LRR! Do the FUN stuff! That’s what makes your drafts so awesome! :)

  5. I vote that your next cube draft should be Garruk.dek. Draft Garruk, and cards the Garruk would like to play. Bonus points if one of you is in character as Garruk the entire time.

  6. I can only imagine Marshall watching you guys draft mono-red and sighing heavily. Guttersnipe is one of my all-time favorite cards, I was rooting for him!

  7. This reminded me so much of the Purphoros + Assemble the Legion deck I got in the last Cube before Randy overhauled it; Beautifully piloted, I certainly couldn’t have done it any better.

    My one comment on your play is re: turn 1 Goblin Bushwhacker; If you play him on turn 1, on turn two he swings for one and you have two open mana on turn 2. If you play him on turn 2, he swings for 2 immediately because kicked he gives himself +1/+0 and haste. That puts you a point ahead if you don’t have anything else going on (which you often didn’t), and it gives you the opportunity to draw, like, Dragon Fodder as your turn 2 play and he becomes a two mana battle cry later in the game instead.

  8. It ended up being irrelevant, but seeing as how y’all like to kill people with their Phyrexian Arenas and such, in r3g3, you had him at 4 at the end of his turn. On your turn, you Incinerate his dome, then watch him die to his own Bitterblossom. You already saw the corrupt, so this is a relatively safe play.

  9. @Chad

    Stoke does 1 more damage and can be cast for free, so no Searing Spear is not just better than it, especially in a deck with a bunch of token makers. I think you could certainly say Spear is a more consistent card, you’re always getting 3 damage for 2 mana, but Stoke both has more raw power and has bigger upside.

  10. what were flame slash and mizzium mortars doing anywhere near your deck?

    Also, hordeling outburst was too perfect for this deck. You were lacking three-drops and it had so much synergy. It triggers purph (3x), hellrider (3x), and gutter snipe. It fuels goblin bombardment, bushwacker, and wardriver. It probably would have the highest W.A.R. value of any card in your deck. It surely has a higher Fun Above Replacement value compared to what you took instead (cackler).

    Plus, it’s three 1/1′s, which takes games from opponents who some amount of the time stumble on mana in the cube.

  11. The mono color strategies in this cube are all good this time around – I have played mono white, mono blue (Master of Waves essential for that deck), and mono red so far quite effectively. I never seem to get any green cards flowing – everyone trying to play ramp. Mono black looks good as well.

    But then most of the 2 color decks are also extremely powerful in this cube as well and seem to have a bit more punch if they can last the first 3-4 turns against any of the mono colors.

    Been fun so far but looking forward to powered holiday cube soon!

  12. I’ll just join the chorus of people sad you didn’t take all the token-making spells you saw after you had not only Purphoros but also Goblin Bombardment and Hellrider. Great deck, but could’ve upped the fun-factor slightly in my mind… also, Guttersnipe with token-making non-creature spells… just saying, the potential synergy was palpable.

  13. Awww, another mono red draft? Gimmick’s lose their awesome when they become routine. A LRR comedy cube ought to be random as it gets. Since it’s cube, maybe up the ante on rare drafting with the mythic draft? You can only draft cards that are mythic or have the red mythic symbol, with a lean towards the P9 if you see it. Or the planeswalker draft, where you draft as many planeswalkers as possible and just jam them in there. Or the absolute weenie draft, where you are only allowed to draft creatures that cost three or less. Eh, just spitballing, but you can do so much more than mono red.

  14. You guys are fucking idiots for not taking HORDELING OUTBURST!

    Not even 1 mention of 6 damage with Purphoros, or gives Convoke for Stoke the Flames. Or how good 3 bodies are with the Pump ability Purphoros has built into it. Or the Battlecry you had access to!

    You literally only considered two options: chump blockers and Goblin Bombardment.

    How uncreative.

  15. Wow, that was quite the insane deck you guys had. You also played it pretty well too, I’m impressed! It was also hilarious to kill your opponents the way you did, at least a couple of the wins were simply ridiculous.