Loading Ready Run Draft #66: The Return of the Hats

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  1. *Winces at passing MULTIPLE Flooded Strands*

    But that’s why I love your wacky drafts, you do not compromise, and just go all in. XD

  2. At the end of the last game of round 2 I would have really liked to see you sacrifice the Ancestor to the Bloodsucker, just for style points.

  3. Guys, the Tuskguard captain is both wearing a hat and being worn AS A HAT by his elephant friend. Clearly the pick.

  4. Not sure if it would have made a difference, but you guys forgot about the interaction between Trample and Deathtouch in round 3 there.

  5. “If you’re wearing a face as a face, I think actually just automatically win.”

    “That’s fair.”


  6. I’m glad we saw the snake. It is a Cobra, therefor it has a hood, which is appropriate in a hat draft.

  7. Love the draft as usual, still think you should make a rule you can draft lands.
    Makes it actually worthwhile to watch the draft PLUS the games.
    Now I just always skip the games, because its going to be a trainwreck :P

    It also allows you guys to potentially draft some 5 colour durdle.

    Maybe call it lands + hats if it makes you guys feel better about it

  8. So no one noticed for Match 3? Hat-less Abzhan beats hat-wearing Abzhan!

    Still would be fun to see a wacky draft – must take ALL dual and tri and fetch lands you see, then must take all Gold cards seen, then the dual color cards seen, then free choice. Although this is a legit strategy in this format!

    Also you could force the “other” tri-color combinations in Khans – Jund them out!