Loading Ready Run Draft #67: Marduneblast

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  1. On Losing the Game: If you are taken to 0 or less life, you will lose the game as a state-based action. State-based actions happen whenever anyone receives priority.

    Blocking with a lifelink creature can help you dodge a game loss because nobody receives priority between the damage being done and the life being gained. Highland Game’s ability is not lifelink, but an ability that is triggered when it goes to the graveyard from the battlefield. Players will receive priority so they can respond to it. Therefore, a game loss will happen before the life-gain is resolved.

    Maybe it was correct not to attack anyway in case the last card in his hand was some instant-speed bounce spell or blinding spray or something that might put you in a dangerous spot, but you would have won there if you had attacked.

  2. R2G2: Highland Game’s ability is triggered. You had lethal on board with the 10 attackers with the opponent at 5 life. Which would have left him more time in game 3.

  3. I wouldn’t feel too scummy about Round 2, Graham. You were at 9 minutes when he was well under 2 minutes. It’s not like you were both under 2 minutes and your strategy became clocking him out. Time is a resource. Managing it is part of tournament Magic, doubly so on MTGO. He mismanaged his time for the entire 25 minutes. Early on, I won and lost MTGO games by the narrowest of time margins, I learned from those mistakes and I don’t doddle anymore. Maybe your esteemed opponent will learn that lesson now too.

  4. So by not attacking into the highland game and allowing the game to go longer, resulting in a win in game 3, Graham next leveled him. This was truly a magic master at work!

  5. Scott J, you may not have noticed that a portion of Round 2 was edited (you can see the opponent’s clock jump down to under four minutes from much higher at one point) because, according to the game details, the opponent disconnected. So while he may not have managed his clock in the best way, part of that blame has to lie with his connection.

  6. “..I feel like a scum now, oh well. Round Three.” You grief was palpable…lol.

  7. You probably could have thought about holding onto Zurgo for one turn in r2g3 and just played trumpet blast and attacked with the Seeker of the Way to gain 5 life (or even hold it back and use the trumpet blast when your opponent attacks with the Smoke Teller thereby trading creatures, taking no damage, and gaining three life) I’m not sure if that is technically a better decision but considering that it was unlikely that you could kill him with Zurgo before he could kill you (regardless of time) stabilising seemed super important. I guess you could have died to a Dragonscale boon but you probably would have died anyway to that. Great videos as usual nevertheless. :) Congrats on finishing s11 of the sketches!

  8. That was hilarious killing him by trumpet blasting his attacking creatures? That’s a story to tell to say the least

  9. Oh man, oh man. R2G3 finish was absolutely filthy and hilarious. Soul crushing for the other guy I’m sure, but it was fair play. Definitely dirty pool, but legal. That was definitely the funniest thing I’ve seen in an LRR draft in quite a while. More so because it was an accident.

  10. Just to say I really enjoy these drafts! And that R2G3 win was absolutely hilarious and ridiculously tight.