LoadingReadyRun Draft #68: Just 5-Color

Graham and James bid farewell to KTK with a nice, simple, 5-color disaster.

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  1. ^Valuable commentary, up here.

    Anywho, I was going to be mad about you guys having fewer islands than forests, but then it didn’t seem to affect your games, really. No longer upset. Keep up the good fun.

  2. R2G1: In hindsight, maybe you should have bounced their second morph with the Aven. They played their first morph and attacked with it into yours after just witnessing you make a trade like that before. It was probable that it wouldn’t have been a very impactful creature. The second morph on the other hand was a mystery and indeed got you later when he revealed Pine, Texas Ranger there and ate your guy.

    Otherwise I think you guys played pretty well. Looking forward to more of your drafts.

  3. Yes, Boop Doge (mature sounding name), telling people that they don’t have talent so they can pursue other interests is indeed valuable. However, you may have a point – one thing I didn’t account for is the ability of the talentless to entertain the brainless. That’s how this “comedy troupe” (I suppose they qualify for the term by virtue of the fact that I laugh at them) is able to exist. Also, is it hard spelling the word ‘dog’ properly, Mr. Boop?

    Not sure what is worse, not being able to spell 1st grade words, or admitting to getting upset over land count in Magic, a card game.

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