LoadingReadyRun #78: Canada Day 2015

Canada Day is the day we celebrate our heritage with two archetypes not being able to get along.

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  1. I like the comment on canadians over paying for everything made me chuckle a bit

  2. So, this is where we all point out that there’s a difference between Activated and Triggered Abilities, right?

  3. I was so sad your opponent blew up your Shikari in M1G1 in response to Apostle’s Blessing – I wanted to see you blow yourselves out by de-equipping when the pro-artifacts resolved.

  4. In m1g1, when you Blessed the Shikari after declaring blocks you kind of punted. At the very least wait until first strike damage resolves so you gain 3 life; pro-artifacts = de-equip all equipment.

  5. Well, pro-player Graham wasn’t there this week, so a couple of mistakes are to be expected.

  6. I would totally have gone for the third Smash. I don’t think you can have too many of those in the affinity match-up.