LoadingReadyRun #81: A Comedy of Errors

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  1. In round 2, you could have juste let the imp die to the eyeblight massacre, no need to spend a fiery conclusion on it.

  2. Idea for a wacky draft – you take all of the “collect ‘em all” cards, in every colour. Maybe you can let yourself off in pack three if it looks like particular colours have been really underrepresented, but otherwise you’re looking to max out on cycles.

  3. Okami, they literally (and i mean literally in the most literal sense of the word) immediately said what you said in the video. It must have taken longer for you to type what you typed than it took them to realise their folly.

  4. We don’t need this Angel’s Tomb in our aggressive W/R deck. Let’s take this Ampryn Tactician instead.

    *places directly in sideboard*

    Really, guys?

  5. congrats for the win, but i find more interesting when u do some funny stuff.. we had tons of pro drafts, but no so much funny drafts.. and its your best material

  6. Suggestion for a future Origins draft: Once you pick your color, you have to draft all the collect ‘em alls above everything else. So Fairies, Wolves, Servants, Clerics and Bloodlust over anything else as long as they’re in color. (You don’t have to take Servants in a UW deck or something.)

  7. I would love to see some kind of draft based on the “collect ‘em all” cards. Thank you for making such interesting and funny content!

  8. this draft makes me want to never look at LRR videos again… it was not fun, it was cowardous, it was BORING !!!
    Shame on you !

  9. Great round one.

    [In all seriousness, while your commentary was quite funny, it might be better to just skip r1 and begin r2 with a note about it next time]

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