LoadingReadyRun Draft #45: Big Kitty (Theros Swiss)

Graham and James just let the draft wash over them and hedge their bets on a big, angry cat.

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  1. Draft a sweet deck and get out comedied in the finals. Do you even know who you are?

  2. Roger McAwesomeface has said it all. You sold out, and the plucky platypus army showed you what the game is really all about. This could have been the plot to a Rocky Film.

    I can’t help but feel that you should do a musical draft next time as penance.

  3. R3G2, rather than playing Agent of Horizons and using Time to Feed on it, play Chosen by Heliod on the Chronicler and time to feed it. Keep the Agent for next turn.

  4. LRR: taking their opponents from “whatever man, must be nice” to trading fart pie recipes in the space of a match.

    Also, Flamecast Wheel doesn’t hit players, but I wouldn’t expect you guys to be aware of that because, seriously, Flamecast Wheel?

  5. Do not play on the beta. It shoulkd be boycotted due to its complete awfulness. Whenever i see someone play on the beta, ill automatically assume they have a low intelligence.

  6. On the chosen then time to feed play in r3:

    Ignoring the existence of a card in your hand is not enjoyable to watch. We can see it sitting in your hand, if you’re preoccupied with making the video or just having a lapse of concentration and fail to register that you’re even holding it, it’s quite frustrating for the viewer.

  7. Don’t get me wrong btw, I enjoy your videos, and I don’t have any issue with someone failing to see a line or misreading a card. It’s failing to see a card that is a bit frustrating, and I just thought that feedback might be useful.

  8. I start wondering if Kezzerdrix is not a bot, refreshing constantly each and every MTGOAcademy video and dropping a random rage-comment on MTGO o.รด

    Anyway, @the vid: I do have to say that I prefer watching stipulation drafts – I expected a Cat draft here and was a bit disappointed.

    Also, there were quite a few picks and plays to which I quited disagreed, and got to “rage” a couple of times in front of my computer.

    Still, I enjoyed it overall and the last match was nice because of the angry opponent :)

  9. M1G1, you reason that you’ll just play out the hopeful eidlon as an extra lethal blocker, but then you chose to play staunch hearted warrior with it instead of nylea’s emissary – clearly a 3/3 trample if better than a 2/2 when you are just trying to pass a single point of damage past your opponents!

  10. You know what would make good use of the new client? Another blind draft. The last one was neat, and it’s been a while. It’s an idea to keep in mind for when you can’t think up any fun stipulations.

  11. I too was expecting a kitty theme, especially after P1 Fleecemane, P2 Nylea’s Emikitty. Third pick Tap Cat seems foreordained. But then it was just kind of a dream Selesnya draft, which is fun too. For the record, for your final note about the last time you went 3-0 being Gatecrash, didn’t you go 3-0 when you forced maximum Bestow? IIRC you were 3 or 4 color, and stumbled onto the deadly combination of multiple Wavecrash Tritons + Voltron bestowing onto them, which kept stomping people brutally and amusingly.

  12. Fun to watch as always. I’d kinda like to see you do a ‘no-pants’ draft before the block is out, though I admit I’m not sure no enchantments is viable in this format…