LoadingReadyRun Draft #46: Landfallin’ (ZZW Draft)

Graham & James try to not completely fail at a ZZW draft, a format they are woefully unfamiliar with. Some very entertaining games within!

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  1. There seems to be a skip in the draft video at 12:26. Seems to skip straight to opening pack three.

  2. @Iamwinterborn For future reference, Youtube does some of its video processing after the upload has completed. So during that time you can watch videos on low res, which is (usually) better than not watching them at all. :)

  3. I noticed your youtube embeds do not have the option of turning them fullscreen anymore. That is slighly annoying. I would appreciate if that option could be put back in, though I’m not sure if thats your or YouTube’s problem.

  4. I nearly died M2G1: You have two 5-drops in hand, and instead of casting Harrow -> 2 drop to ramp up, you just cast only a 2 drop… [and did Harrow->2 drop the turn afterwards]

    I know I shouldn’t expect the best plays from this, and is still entertaining to watch you. But sometimes the competitive player inside me just wishes you would sometimes take at least a minimum amount to read what your cards do.

  5. And I find the Modo client sound really annoying :/. I would really prefer it if you would turn it off again. I Haven’t noticed it in the last videos, so I think you somehow switched version/turned it on or whatever.

  6. @Kickchon This isn’t a change we made, but I also can’t replicate the problem. It might be browser-specific. I’ve experienced it with Safari in the past. Did it happen in Safari?

  7. I’m using Firefox. When the popup for the embed shows up there is no button in the lower right to fullscreen the video anymore. This started from the last holiday cube draft.

  8. R3G3 I would have attacked with the Snake token earlier on. If he blocks, you get Gemblades. If he doesn’t, you get in for a damage each turn. Also, at the very end the splash screen said Conan won the game. Weird bug, I’m guessing.

    Had lots of fun watching, as usual. Thanks for the vids, guys.

  9. In M3G3, I think you should have started swinging with your 2/1 shortcutter after you got down the gemblade quest. That way, it either gets in for 2 damage a few times, making it easier to alpha strike later, or it trades with one of his x/2s, leaving him with one less blocker, and you get gemblades for when you finally FLUNGE. Even after he played the 0/4, if he blocks there you’d still get a quest counter. That said, the flunge you went with in the end was pretty glorious.