LoadingReadyRun Draft #73: Dragons, Get In!

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  1. M3G3 : you vial the 4/2 EOT, then enduring victory takes care of the summit prowler. Why keeping the vial ? It is not like there will ever be a better target for it in the near future.

  2. Hey guys, I don’t know if you end up realising, but because of icefelll regent’s ability, using sarkhan’s rage on it costs 2 colourless extra to cast. Great videos as usual. :)

  3. Aerial Maneuver vs. Dromoka’s Gift

    I think you made the wrong decision here. Yes, Aerial Maneuver has a picture of a Dragon on it and is in your colours, but Dromoka’s Gift ALSO has a picture of a Dragon on it AND is named after a Dragon. So it has two levels of Dragon-ness. Also, the Dragon on the artwork for Dromoka’s Gift occupies a larger portion of the artwork space than the Dragon on Aerial Maneuver does.

  4. R1G3 you could have attacked with Wardscale Dragon and Dragonlord’s Servant. If he blocks Servant, you can pump with Dragonrage and kill one of his guys.

  5. M3G3 I don’t understand why not vial the 4/2 the moment it comes in? Is the vial ever gonna trade for anything better than a 4/2 sabertooth outriders?

    Worst still is you choose to use ENDURING VICTORY to remove it when there is another 4/3 on board?

    Looks like any1 with a stupid theme and no idea how to play magic can record and post on MTGOAcademy these days.

  6. Nice bug abuse M3G3 to cast the game winning dragon. You guys should be reported and your account banned and your opponent should be able to file for reimbursement.

    Ways to be a MTGO Academy content provider:

    No idea how to play magic (pls see M3G3 for retarded use of spells) [Check]
    Abuse bugs on recorded video for gaining advantage over others (pls see CHEATING) [Check]

  7. I agree with “Cheaters” really. yes there was a glitch/bug but the fact that you knew this means it’s really inexcusable.

    If you were a pair of noobs that had no idea how to play/use the cards then yeah do it. You then have a valid excuse. Being content providers on a site like this means a little bit of sportsmanship goes a LONG way.

    My Two Cents

  8. I agree one hundreed percent with CHEATERS. You dubble tapped that creature trying to test the glitch and really retarding down that gaem 3. Seems like you all figured out how to make BUG control work in lmited format!
    Allmoist lost a whole minute of timer too chatting it up with your opponet. Why dont you go all have a nice mocha frappu-cheat-o with them as well.
    Casual eSports is still blood sport!

  9. Wow, alot of complaining about a glitch that made absolutely no impact on the outcome of the game, other than tapping a blocker. Also, they thought it would not let them do it, if you listen to them discuss it as they are doing it.

    Second, who cares if they made some play mistakes? After watching the draft, do you really think the point of these videos is to win as many games as possible?

    SO much inane whining. Great videos guys.

  10. @DrDrJ Did you even see the complete video set? Match 3 Game 3 they ABUSED the deceiver to cast both Sarkhan’s Triumph and Ward Scale Dragon on the same turn. Which without ABUSING/CHEATING they couldn’t have done. Without that turn there is a high chance (it doesn’t even matter if this is true or not, they still CHEATED to impact the game in a meaningful way) they would have lost and that opponent would have gotten his 8 packs instead of 4. This is AFTER the fact they already ‘tested’ the fact that deceiver is indeed broken. There is NO excuse for such behaviour. Especially so from esteemed content providers such as themselves. MTGO Academy, SHAME ON YOU for allowing such blatant cheating on your site. If this video is not removed, it just speaks volumes about the management and their integrity when it comes to gaming.

  11. @aconcerned party – The lost the first match, proving it was a swiss, so match 3 they took a whole 1 booster from that person. And this isnt’t a gp or a pro level event, so I feel your blowing this out of proportion just a tad. Sure its not great but its not the desecration of magic, MTGO and MTGO academy that your making it out to be…

  12. I suspect that the reason they no longer post bi-weekly is that they wait for the unfixed bug list to come in so they can go all in on glitches. We may as well call them Loading Ready Silumgar for all the exploits they use. It’s just one of those things that make you go..Hmm?

  13. You all realize this is a game right? As in something played for fun? Calm down no one burned a flag or punched a baby. I really doubt anyone DIRECTLY involved is all that fired up.

  14. Wow such a massive amount of losers…
    First of, yes they abused a bug here, yes it was wrong of them, but I am 100% sure they just thought it’s funny and didn’t think it through.
    GoblinArsenioHall – they make content on a daily basis, I suspect they just have less time for content for this specific site.

    The only person to blame on M3G3 is the opponent…
    He had a 3 turns clock with brute and a 2 turns clock with cutter, he goes and sac cutter, that’s why he lost, end of story.

    Now, you guys whine and whine about that 1 mana, if they don’t have it they get the ice dragon.
    It has 4 power, the white dragon ability WAS NEVER USED.
    So for that matter, they are interchangeable.
    Now had they done that, they’d have the 0/4 untapped, blocked the brute and then cutter wouldn’t be a 2 turns clock and that game-losing decision of the opponent wouldn’t matter anymore and they’d win.

    Now fact of the matter is – none of you saw any of this, yet you feel more than free to criticize others for their level of play.
    At least LRR has the decency to say they are far from top notch players and their content is meant for amusement and not to learn from.

  15. Hey The Sheep

    I think you’re onne of the LRR team trying to defend them



  16. They don’t need me to defend them, nor am I one of them.
    Just a fan of their work.

  17. there are a lot of whining brats here, it you can’t say anything nice don’t say it. they might have actually responded to the cheating claim if it was respectfully worded but since it isn’t they have probably ignored all of you. enjoy speaking to the air.
    thesheep you know this doesn’t include you

  18. I think TheSheep and Lordzaire are both the LRR guys. You’ve been caught