LoadingReadyRun Draft #83: Just Play

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  1. i prefer when u guys are doing fun things…

    we have tons of pros drafts on the internet…

    please come back doing theme drafts

  2. Wasn’t the whole point of the academy drafts to do daring and crazy things?
    I mean I get that you don’t always want to ‘look bad’ to some lesser cultured people but the your twitch stream is plenty of proof that you can costantly 3-0 or 2-1 in single elimination drafts, and due to chat pressure you kind of very rarely do anything special there…

    With Origins out I am very upset that you guys never did try the mill plan nor did you go back to your origins with the ole’ story draft, alphabet draft, no attack draft and other such epic nonsense.

    I got Kenji and Marshall if I want to see endless chains of victories and while you guys CAN do what they do, I don’t think it’s correct, you had your own special way and for a while I don’t feel it’s there anymore.
    I mean come on rare drafts are just boring and trying actual strategies like elves? meh…
    What makes you you is your funny content, the obscure and seemingly no-way-this-will-work decks.
    Losing sight of this doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.

    See if you can get back out of the actually being good box and come up with real nonsense and real nonsense isn’t ‘We are making the allies deck’ in the next block, it’s ‘we are making the ‘have to attack starting turn 5 regardless of board position deck!’ or something insane like that.
    Maybe have to attack every odd turn, cannot attack on even turns? you know, the ‘I can’t even’ deck? see if you can get the 11/9 eldrazi for flavor on that one.

  3. Trying hard and playing swiss doesnt belong in the same sentence. Also the pick p1p1 was kind of a failure.

  4. I know you guys are always in the really bad spot of if you do too goofy stuff, you get complains about being too goofy, and if you try to dial it back and only be a little goofy you also get complains but now they are about not being goofy enough, but this was neither a little goofy, or a lot goofy it was just you guys playing magic and I can get that once a week on your Twich stream, really dissappointed.

  5. Contrary opinion from someone who didn’t catch the stream — good draft. I think that your deck was a little torn between all-out aggro and midrange (which hurts topdecks a bit) but there were a lot of good cards in the deck. I love the silly stuff, but it’s nice to get a little variation now and again. Thanks for the content!

  6. People just need to chill off. This was their last Origins draft, so it was cool for once to let them playing a normal draft for the website.
    But i second the request from LambTTS that you try something more insane next time than your regular rare draft or tribal draft. Try something more fun like back in the old good days.

  7. love watching your vids regardless of what/how you choose to draft. Do miss the wacky “pants draft”, “hat draft”, etc., though. Keep up the good work and thanks for the great content!

  8. “we wanna prove we know how to draft”

    p1p1 a 4/3 double R card wtf lol

    turned off right then. literally one pick in lol

  9. @wtf – It was the correct pick, double color just means it can’t be splashed, this isn’t a card you would ever splash for anyway and has the best power level for a single color card in the pack.
    It’s fine and if you don’t end up playing it that’s also fine as you didn’t pass much for anything else.
    Origins isn’t a set for 3 colors, even a minor splash is just more often than not an error in this set.
    Clearly you don’t know that mr wtf and as such maybe you want to watch the rest, I mean they are average players but you are clearly much below that.

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