LoadingReadyRun Draft #84: Weenie Fight!

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  1. Winter Orb is definitely the pick. It’s the card that lets fair decks (like white weenie) fight dirty. Armageddon provides a similar role for white.

  2. That was actually good.
    I mean, you can do better than mono x for crazy ideas (did you guys ever mono hat cube? mono non-creatures? mono-things-that-have-2-words?)
    Regardless, this I liked, you came with an idea, almost didn’t stick with it but ended up following it anyway, had some interesting matches and had the old 1.5-0.5-1, good job.

  3. Good draft. You guys (or the site) should institute a poll. Give the viewers a slate of 4 wacky ideas and be at the mercy of the clan. When things go south, you do it for us. Rare and mono forces are okay, but the flexibility to go deep is what makes Magic fun. Try to win only by milling, go creatureless, play only creatures, play with only 5 or more CMC fatties, go five color two drops, do an art draft where you draft only on the aesthetics of the card (totally subjective, but bad art is bad), do a blind draft where one group builds the deck and another pilots it, with a surprise splash color.

  4. In M1G1 at 13:30 couldn’t you level up your student to a 5/5 double strike making him an invalid target for steal and then in combat swing for lethal?

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