LoadingReadyRun Draft #85: Allies, Advance!

Might as well start off the Battle for Zendikar by representing the allies.

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  1. I think you guys severely underestimate Fertile Thicket – If you have it in your opening hand, it is the best turn 1 play to guarantee you make your land drops, and even if you don’t want to find a land, it tells you what the bottom 5 cards of your deck are. It’s nuts in this deck, and even in a two color deck I’d pretty much always play one.

  2. Guys you don’t seem to know that – you can choose NO to Fertile Thicket after finding lands you don’t want.
    For example if you only find a fifth land and its a color you have, or find no lands of the color you need or you’ll lose – you choose no, put all of it to the bottom and are yet another turn closer to what you do need.
    You actually passed a couple of those which was a shame because you needed them a lot more than you think.

    Also I drafted 11/9 already, one of the times I cast it I went ahead and messaged my opponent telling him he can’t even.
    He scooped immediately after, probably agreeing that he can’t even.
    Feels good but the card is otherwise… not that great.

  3. inb4 ‘Well we did Eldrazis last week, what’s the point of the most arms draft now? I mean it’s the same thing isn’t it?’

    Just skip Eldrazis and go into arms week.
    Also, see if you can resist calling arms week’s draft “Arm-a-gideon”
    Get it? because I predict you’ll see gideon and refuse to pass on him claiming that he clearly spawns 2 arms a turn?
    I am from the future.

  4. This was painfull to watch, so i stopped after pick 8 where you once gain DID NOT pick an ally. I don’t watch these drafts because you play well, i watch them to see if a crazy theme works out. If you then go to betray your watchers, it stops there.

  5. @god I know it’s way too late for you to see this, but you missed out by ending when you did. They cut almost all the non-allies they picked and ended up with a deck which was almost totally allies except for fixing and two(?) converge creatures – which they had the worlds most ridiculous black splash for.

    I felt like we got see a crazy theme draft, but they also had a deck which was good enough that the actual play could be a surprise