LoadingReadyRun Draft #86: Force of Won’t

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  1. For me the sound for the videos seem quite a lot out of sync, any one else experiencing this to, or is it on my end?

  2. I love your content! Worth the long wait, but please do a BFZ one soon. With all of the synergy it seems right up your up your alley.
    Forcing the BG sacrifice deck might be an entertaining option :)

  3. Used to like watching LRR, but that was the worst draft I have ever seen. Dont force so hard, especially mono-red in legend cube.

  4. See I like getting to watch you do stuff and fail but this was actually boring.
    Ignore those ‘don’t do blah in blah blah cube’ because whatever first time this cube is online how are you supposed to know what’s good and what not but come on we saw mono red 100 times.

    Also look, you are wrong about the lands, lands are not just about ‘oh how many colors do I run?’ they are about curve too.
    You ran the artifact that charges burn, never was it in your hand I think but say you did draw it, when do you even really cast it? in the event that power stone doesn’t pop – after you saw around half your deck, that’s too late for it to do anything.
    And everything decent you had required 5+ mana, again it’s just powerstone doing its job because without it you’d be struggling to hit that much mana (look how many lands you actually played every game you’ll see)
    Your curve had A LOT of 5-7 drops, your real action was 4-7 and your early game… didn’t exist.
    This is not a deck for 16 lands! I am sorry but you really got lucky with the powerstone showing up pretty consistently and even that didn’t always get you there.

    Another thing is that every time you cube, every time, you start with mono red.
    Every time you draft a normal set you start with a theme set
    It’s fine on the stream since you do so many, but you do so few here (and I am sorry but I really don’t like ‘chat’ I enjoy you two interacting with each other much more than with them) that I don’t think you can afford wasting all of it on your generic things.

    Just… do something special… first draft of the set? kool let’s open the pack look around find a nice looking card and force whatever that card wants, at least we’ll have variety.

  5. Yeah the hard force a deck from the start decks continue to fail as comedy. Much better when you guys come up with something new on the fly in response to the cards you are actually drafting.

  6. Or… at least force something that’s not outright generic been-done-to-death.
    My favorites are still the no-attacking draft based on that one card that doesn’t even mill it just goes back to your library, that life gain artifact thing…
    And the hat draft. (the original one)

    For as far as I know those were the only times in history you did something truely unique, and they went great!
    Well there was also the original bear force one, but other than those..?
    How many years has it been since the hats draft?