Magic 2014 Core Set Visual Spoiler (Complete)

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  1. new chandra is cool. also, i like the new template for temporarily exiling permanents (as seen on colossal whale).

  2. so rachet bomb is essentially an engineered explosives that is easier to cast, but just slower?

  3. Ratchet Bomb can tick up to 7, but Engineered Explosives can’t. Engineered Explosives can’t change the number of counters on it when it’s on the field.

  4. Green looks stupid powerful for limited on first glance. GW aggro is my early pick for limited archetype to beat. The green 2 drop sliver at common is really efficient plus a 4 mana 4/4, a good removal spell in hunt the weak, and a powerful finisher at uncommon in enlarge all seem really good together.

  5. Set isn’t even fully spoiled and we already have two hydras.

    The green common 4/4 for 4 mana will be excellent in limited.

  6. Does anyone else think the condor will be a great enabler, or is it just me? It might turn out that the removal is too good for it to make the cut, but the ability seems pretty awesome teamed up with fatties or lifelinkers

  7. @dave C green always have “big” creatures, thats the quality of green. I think the set will be more balanced then the RTR-Block.
    Slivers requires most of the time many colors, most of them also cost to much mana.
    I hope the set isn’t that slow, because mostly Basic-Sets are slow and not that interesting.

    @Maestro the condor will be fine, in a blue deck I think you almost play the condor in any deck, the only exception will be if you play a blue/white flyers deck.
    And removals will be always strong, but you cannot win whitout creatures.
    Don’t worry the ability from condor will trigger when you attack, so your opponent must kill the condor before combat, to prevent the trigger from happening. So you know before combat if you can give some creature “wings”.

  8. Oath of the Ancient Forest
    Whenever Oath of the Ancient Forest or another enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, you may put a +1/+1 counter on a creature of your choice.

  9. wouldnt it be amusing to see a deck go all the way with nothing but swamps and shadowborn apostles

  10. Yes it would. Too bad griselbrand is rotating:
    20 swamps
    35 shadowborn apostles
    3 griselbrand
    2 sire of insanity

  11. I feel like they missed an opportunity to reprint original ajani. His +1 and ultimate fits so nicely with whites lifegain theme this set, plus nobody really likes 3 mana ajani. With sorin and lingering souls rotating out this fall I think it would be fine to re-introduce to standard although maybe token strategies are too good already.

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