MTGO Academy’s Mission

MTGO Academy is a business and website run by Magic players, for Magic players. At MTGO Academy, we aim to be the prime source for Magic Online strategy, tutorials, entertainment, and news. To do so, we strive for excellence in three domains: content, cards, and community. For more details on our website and business, please continue reading below.

MTGO Academy owns and maintains the website, which features at least one new announcement, article, or set of videos every weekday. Each content piece is produced by a member of MTGO Academy’s team, or by a member (or affiliate) of the Magic community. All contributors to MTGO Academy are selected and permitted to produce content by MTGO Academy’s editorial staff, and — though the opinions of each contributor are not necessarily those of MTGO Academy as a whole — MTGO Academy has approved each such piece for its website.

At MTGO Academy, we aim for quality; all pieces are created, developed, edited, and published according to rigorous standards, and each piece is intended to contribute to the Magic and Magic Online communities by educating and/or entertaining viewers and readers free of charge.

In addition to the regular daily content offerings, MTGO Academy also maintains a Youtube channel and a channel, each of which provides alternative ways for us to produce and for you to enjoy video content, in both streaming and VOD forms.

Finally, MTGO Academy aims to be a leader in the production of tutorial content to assist players new to the Magic Online program. Tutorials are designed to help guide players inexperienced with the Magic Online community and client, and they are intended to be useful even if readers and viewers are familiar with the game before exploring the online version.

MTGO Academy is one of the largest secondary dealers of Magic Online items, including bundles, booster packs, and single cards. (MTGO Academy also sells a limited number of ‘paper’ Magic full sets.) We strive to maintain a high-quality shopping experience for all customers. This includes perfecting the technical aspects of shopping online, facilitating communication between our customers and our team when the need arises, maintaining a comprehensive inventory of Magic Online cards and other items, and offering competitive pricing (in sales as well as in purchasing).

Through MTGO Academy’s webstore, we offer a safe and affordable way to search for and purchase Magic Online items using credit card, debit card, or Paypal. Our delivery and quality assurance teams ensure that your products reach you on Magic Online in a timely manner, and with as little hassle as possible. Our webstore also features a “basic search” box on our front page, to help you compare prices and stock between us and our competitors. We also offer card bundles to provide inexpensive options for players new to Magic Online to acquire a large number of cards at once, in order to jump-start their collections. These bundles are made to order and delivered manually via the Magic Online program by our team.

In addition, we run automated storefronts within the Magic Online client, called bots. (Bot prices for items are almost always identical to our webstore prices, though keep in mind that some items are in stock with our bots that are not stocked in our store; this makes it a good idea to check our bots for an item even if it appears out of stock in our store!) Our bots have been designed and developed by our programming team in accordance with Wizards of the Coast’s terms of service and code of conduct, to exchange Magic Online singles, booster packs, and other items for Magic Online event tickets and bot credit quickly and conveniently. To sell cards to, or to purchase cards from, one of our bots, simply send it a trade request when you are logged in on Magic Online. (Because our bots are sometimes busy trading with other customers, you may have to wait until a bot is finished before entering a trade with it.) You can find our bots by searching the Magic Online classified page for “Academy_” (without the quotation marks), or by adding our bots to your buddy list. Currently, we offer the following bots: Academy_Sellbot, Academy_Sellbot2, Academy_Sellbot3, Academy_Foilbot, Academy_Budgetbot, Academy_Standardbot, and Academy_Standardbot2 all sell cards to you in exchange for event tickets and bot credit. Academy_Buybot, Academy_Buybot2, Academy_Buybot3, and Academy_Buybot4 will buy cards from you in return for bot credit and/or event tickets. Finally, Academy_Quizbot provides the opportunity to take a few free cards each week in exchange for answering a Magic-themed quiz question correctly.

MTGO Academy cares deeply about the health and integrity of the Magic and Magic Online communities.

In addition to regular content, MTGO Academy assists in the production of community-generated events and tournaments (known as player-run events) by providing technical assistance, by maintaining a platform for showcasing community creativity, and through the donation of event tickets or other prize offerings to support them.

Finally, to further facilitate dialogue about Magic news and related topics, our team members and many of our contributors are active on Magic Online and on various social media pages: Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Feel free to use these pages to reach out to us with your thoughts about our website, or about Magic in general. Also, you are welcome to contact any of us on Magic Online, or to email us with any questions or comments you have using our contact page.

Thank you for visiting MTGO Academy. We hope you find what you’re looking for here, and that you enjoy your stay. As always, feel free to leave a comment below, or send us an email through our contact page.