Modern Masters Visual Spoiler (Complete)

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  1. Also, you can cloudshft or bounce a creature after combat w/stynkweed whyle the abylyty ys on the stack.

  2. I want to draft paper cards with this set so badly. It’s playing cube while assembling your own cube. But I doubt any local store is going to draft anywhere near MSRP on these with the current prerelease prices being what they are.

  3. so a hermetic study on a creature with deathtouch DOES kill other dudes in one hit?

  4. No herrrrrrrrrrrrp, deathtouch also only relates to combat damage. But there is a difference. Deathtouch is an ability. That means it cannot be be retargeted or countered. The text on the Imp is a triggered ability. This means a card like Stifle could counter it before it resolved.

  5. Rez: Deathtouch doesn’t only apply to combat but to every damage (“A creature with toughness greater than 0 that’s been dealt damage by a source with deathtouch since the last time state-based actions were checked is destroyed as a state-based action.”)
    Herrrrrrrp: So yes, as Lantis said, it works.

  6. Right, sorry:

    “The rule that causes creatures dealt damage by a source with deathtouch to be destroyed applies to any damage, not just combat damage.”

    So the Imp’s ability is all around worse. The ability is combat only and triggered. So it is strictly worse.

  7. It is not strictly worse, but mostly worse. If the imp deals lethal damage to a creature, the creature would need to regenerate twice to survive as it will get killed twice. While with deathtouch creatures only kills once.

  8. Speaking of, they really should start a new storyline that at least can HOPE to be as epic as the Urza/Weatherlight/Phyrexia one. The cards are so much cooler when you know what they have to do with the story (imo)