M:tG Cribbs #102: Standard Blue-Green Timewalk-Fog

This week Ryan enters a Standard League Event by trying to take as many turns and annul as many combats as possible.

You can find Ryan on Twitter @mtgcribbs.

  1. Great video and fun deck, Ryan. Don’t worry about trolls like obZen. Even though I don’t comment on every article, I watch every video and feel like you make me a better player. I think people forget that decks that are designed to win can be annoying to the opposing player, but that’s why you don’t take it into the casual play lobby.

    As I was watching this I was wondering if making this deck blue-white-green would work:
    fortified rampart instead of jaddi offshoot
    encircling fisher, pressure point, and alchemist’s vial as additional fogs

    I also agree that more ramp is needed. I think embodiment of spring would be good, giving you a sacrificial blocker for a turn. I also think blighted woodland would work well in this deck. I might even consider Nissa’s renewal.
    I would trade dragonlord’s perogative for some combination of pressure point, alchemist’s vial. Put dispels in sideboard. I’d also run 22 lands.

    Although honestly, I agree that this standard is almost too powerful for this deck to get any traction. Especially to rally decks, a version of which is now seeing play in modern.

  2. Fun deck Ryan. What lame flaming? Given the comments, they must lead pretty sad lives. Sad when it denigrates into such tripe. Anyways, I always enjoy your videos, even if they are not always successful. They are a good exercise and ask excellent questions of the game. Please continue to provide the value that you do!