M:tG Cribbs #29: Bant Control in Standard

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  1. Why did you opt to not play 2 lands off the urban evolution multiple times? I’m not trying to criticize you Im just curious if you held them or forgot?

  2. Most of the times it looked like I missed my second off Urban Evolution was because I played land before I casted and then I can only play one more afterwards. So it just looked like I missed it when i didn’t. But if I did miss any it wasn’t intentional :(

  3. interesting deck. With the number of times you said “now we just need to draw a sphinx’s revelation” during those games, I’m fairly sure you should be running 4 even if urban evolution is cute.

  4. “So it just looked like I missed it when i didn’t.”

    Actually, you did miss a couple times the second one. Third game of Round two in particular.

  5. I completely agree PB, the card I wanted more often than not was Revelation and this deck should be playing 4. Potentially over the Gate Creeper or a Caryatid. And to George, I cast 2 Urban Evolutions in Game 3 of Match 2, the first at 23:17 and the second at 27:13, and after each one I play two lands for my turn.

  6. At a tournament level, which deck do you believe is the strongest against the meta – Monoblue Devotion or this deck? (if the player’s skill with both is the same)

    I’m finding monoblue to be so boring, while this deck looks like something up my alley. However, I don’t want to sacrifice my overall strength in tournament matchups if this is still working some cogs out of its system. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

  7. I’d play it over the second evolution, 5 big draw spells is more than enough. I’ve found the 2 drops to be quite important in the deck.

  8. I’m glad you like the deck Phoenix1990! I actually don’t have much experience with Mono U Devotion. I haven’t tried it yet and I haven’t played against it online for awhile now. But I do this this deck is well positioned right now. It has a great Mono Black match up and I think the GW agro deck is in your favor too because of supreme verdict. I would for sure add another Revelation to the main and maybe 2-3 Last Breaths somewhere in the 75.

  9. Would you mind adding me on MTGO to discuss the deck under the same name? I saw this deck on the standard premier last night by the way!

  10. Yeah, no problem :) I don’t know the next time I’ll be on but when you see me just send me a message.

  11. after more testing I’m pretty sure you want the 4th selesnya charm before the first fog. It fulfils a similar purpose (jace protection), while being a much more versatile card overall.

  12. So, a few things…

    I feel like there’s just a few too many lands in the deck…being at 27. Maybe dropping 1-2 of the Temple of Mystery. I find myself being fully capable of stalling to turn 12+ without trying hard (even against boros or RDW), but at this point, I’m drawing blanks with land drops after a Supreme Verdict instead of drawing a win condition.

    I also traded out the the creeper for the 4th Sphinx. I think once you have the fourth, there’s no real need for the Urban Rev. I feel like this needs replaced, as we have enough stall tactics. Even games when I don’t get an urban off to ramp early game, I feel like 5 mana for the ramp and 3 card draw isn’t worth it late game. I feel like 1-2 Prophet of Kruphix, Synocopate, Advent of the Wurm, Armarda Wurm, or Polukranos, World Eater would be better fits for 5 drops or similar. I understand that Prophet doesn’t have as many outs in this deck, but I think that it may have a spot if there’s something to tag along with it. I’m unsure exactly which one it would be. I think that one Mystcutter main deck might help too if played late game, siding in the other against Monoblue devotion. It’s not my go to spell at this time though to fill the spot…. I’ll keeping looking to see if anything fits better.

    I think the bow can be sided in (and/or even a spear too maybe?) versus played in the main deck. I understand the point of card return with reanimation and other counter decks, but it can be sided in. I also see the the importance of pumping tokens with deathtouch to match, keep them away. I’m not sure, it just feels lacklaster to me.

    I wish the main deck had just one more win condition…..I feel that the way this deck is made, it draws the game out as all good control decks do. I wish there was a creature card that fit in well somewhere that wouldn’t be bothered by Verdict. I don’t think small fleetmace or similar cards cut it, but I may be wrong in that regard. I honestly feel like last breath isn’t the answer to rounding out the deck. Maybe patience with the new set will fill in nicely what’s missing (just barely)…

    Just my take… Any feedback is appreciated.

  13. TL; DR: Possibly too many lands, Urban devotion feels weak, maybe bow should be sideboarded in, and the deck needs another win scenario to make it more well-rounded..

  14. Here’s a version of this deck I’ve been testing out, and it went 5-0 against BW control, monoblack, bant, Azorius control, and UG. Any feedback?

    Card Name Quantity
    Elspeth, Sun’s Champion 2
    Jace, Architect of Thought 4
    Sphinx’s Revelation 4
    Ãetherling 1
    Breeding Pool 4
    Detention Sphere 4
    Hallowed Fountain 4
    Supreme Verdict 4
    Sylvan Caryatid 4
    Temple Garden 3
    Temple of Mystery 3
    Dissolve 2
    Selesnya Charm 2
    Fog 2
    Temple of Triumph 4
    Forest 2
    Plains 2
    Island 3
    Assemble the Legion 2
    Elixir of Immortality 1
    Prophet of Kruphix 1
    Armada Wurm 1
    Blind Obedience 1

    Archangel of Thune 2
    Jace, Memory Adept 1
    Mistcutter Hydra 3
    Pithing Needle 2
    Ratchet Bomb 2
    Dissolve 1
    Gainsay 2
    Wear/Tear 1
    Assemble the Legion 1

  15. I would definitely have exiled your opponent’s Erebos in the first game. You were in no real hurry for your Revelation and not being able to gain life was a bigger risk (even with 4 Detention Spheres) than anything else Mono Black can really do, because your opponent might just miracle a string of Grey Merchants out of his deck that can actually kill you without attacking.

  16. That first guy played a really suboptimal version of White Weenie. I think it’s a much stronger deck with a Red or Black splash to either get access to Boros Charm + Chained to the Rocks (though the letter is a bit risky) or to Xathrid Necromancer.