M:tG Cribbs #57: Standard with Naya Possibility Storm

All it takes is piloting Eidolon of Rhetoric and Possibility Storm in a Daily Event to have the best time ever!

You can find Ryan on Twitter @mtgcribbs.


  1. Are audio and video desyncing only for me or is the audio later in the video ahead for everyone?

  2. Interesting deck idea, but your videos get fairly close to unwatchable with the audio desync. There’s little point to commentary when it’s difficult to see what’s being commentated on.

  3. Hey everyone, sorry about the audio problems. Everything looked fine on my end when I was recording. Hopefully you can still get some enjoyment from the videos anyways :P
    And to Steve, Mutavault can’t block Lifebane Zombie. Intimidate creatures can only be blocked by creatures of their color of artifact creatures and Mutavault is neither of those.

  4. What about adding Chandra to the deck? With the 0 ability, you can continue casting spells when once the Eidolon/Possibilty lock is assembled.

  5. How did you get decked at the end of round 1? You can just keep casting spells to Possibility Storm, and the spells get shuffled back into your deck!

  6. @ Reyemile

    I was gonna reply that the second spell gets countered, but maybe it doesn’t, because the cast off of possibility storm is a may ability. If that’s the case, both players could continually cast spells and decline to cast the one they hit via possibility storm to avoid decking themselves, and then the game would go to time, which would mean that Ryan would win given that he was ahead on time, and assuming he can play at the same speed as his opponent. That all assumes I understand that interaction correctly, though.

  7. The combo is a ‘win more’ technology, so the deck is simply worse than an equivalent mid range which doesn’t spend the slots on the combo.

    That said, if you face monored, drop out every big card you can. Elspeth is way worse than a 3 mana 2/1 or even
    a Boros Charm. Games are over, one way or the other, by turn 6.