M:tG Cribbs #59: Villainous Wealth in Standard

In this new set of Constructed videos, Ryan shows just how sweet Villainous Wealth can be!

You can find Ryan on Twitter @mtgcribbs.

  1. Round 1, game 2 instead of skeletal scrying, you could have Aetherspouted both lions and then untapped and wealthed both to your side of the field, this would have allowed you to even activate monstrosity with your caryatid afterward. Tempo gain would have been enormous I think.

  2. Round 3, not taking the 3 for 1 with the “drown in sorrow” against a monored opponent seems loose.

    Thanks for these fun videos!

  3. Round 2 game 1 those Jeskai Charms were time walks with a lightning helix stapled on, he wasn’t trading down at all.

    Thanks for the videos, I always enjoy them.