M:tG Cribbs #65: UW Control is Dead

…Or is it? To find out, Ryan Takes UW Control into a Standard Daily Event!

You can find Ryan on Twitter @mtgcribbs.ce for the upcoming PTQQs, and you can watch his findings here!

  1. I’m not trying to nitpick here I’m oniy saying it because you mentioned it in a previous video.

    Bivouac usually starts with a vowel sound similar to bit, or bid instead of the sound like bike or smite. I’ve heard the end pronounced like a diphthong biv”ooowhack” or just biv”whack” where the first vowel sound is almost silent.

  2. Evolving Wilds and Polluted Delta are not neccessary and actually quite harmful in Azorius Control (especially Evolving Wilds).

    I get that you want to fuel Delve, but it’s just unneccessary to tempo yourself out to do so or take unneccessary damage, especially since you can only search for an Island with the Deltas and you often don’t want to “thin” your deck because you want to hit further land drops.

    3 Elspeths also is a lot and probably 1 too many.

  3. In the third round even though Peal Lake may not have been a great attacker or blocker it would have let you bounce three Radiant Fountains. Not sure if that would have bought you enough time but it might have.