MTGO Academy Casting Call

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  1. Let me be the first to say, the crew here is a pleasure work with! I really enjoy writing for this website. Some tips as a regular contributor:

    They have an excellent editing staff (they’ve always improved my articles while keeping the heart of the writing). However, you should still edit the article before you hand it in. (The editors here make good writing awesome, not bad writing good).

    Also, as far as the schedule goes they always hand out the schedule with enough time to write the acticle.

  2. I’m really excited for this. I was just thinking of trying to find a site to write for and the bi-weekly schedule would be great since I’m too busy to write an article a week. One quick question: What is the process and timeline contributor-hopefuls should expect after sending an initial e-mail?

  3. @ Pitlord: For me I got a response the same day I sent in my application. The team here is very fast and a pleasure to work with.

  4. EranD, we do compensate our contributors. The payout depends on a lot of factors such as quality and length of content, your own skill set and writing experience, your history with us, and other variables. If you are interested you should contact our editor, A.J., under aj[at]mtgoacademy[dot]com for more information.

  5. Hi! my name is Beau Darryl G. Panizales and I wish to contribute to the site as a writer. I have sent an email already but I am not sure if it is to the write email since [at] and [dot] does not work for yahoo i change it to @ and (.) and it worked. I hope to be working with you guys soon.