MTGO M14 Instants & Flash Spells Playmat

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  1. Lol this is massively hypocritical .

    MTGO never shuts up about the merits of using the beta, and then you encourage noobs to use this playmat that only works on v.3.

  2. I’m sorry for my previous outburst. I… I’m going through a rough period in life and lately i snap at the wrong people. I apologize and beg for your understanding.
    Love you all.

  3. @first kezzerdrix: Hopefully a customizable playmat functionality will be implemented before, or shortly after, the release of the Beta. Not sure what you mean about MTGO never shutting up about using the Beta. Do you mean MTGO Academy? If so, we’re a set of different authors with different perspectives, though several of us think we should get used to using the Beta because it’s onset is inevitable. Resistance is futile.

    @second kezzerdrix: Thanks for apologizing. We love you, too.