Standard Spike: Blue/White Control

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  1. Cool videos, only seen the first one so far as have to get to work and whatnot.
    I like the deck and how you played it, the video was interesting and the duel was quite good. The other guys deck didnt seem to be too good, and you made all the right decisions from what I can tell. Very good.

  2. I am excited about this new column! Nice videos :-)
    Will you ever do any zendikar block constructed videos, or just T2 ones?

  3. Very nice videos with good explanation of your moves and plays. I especially liked your reasoning for your sideboarding choices. Often people just switch cards in and out and you don’t really learn WHY they are putting cards in or taking them out. I found a good way to combat long pauses while the opponent is thinking is to talk about the decks in general. What are the weaknesses and strength of the decks? What is the general strategy in those matchups?
    Keep up the good work :-)

  4. In match 2: g1 you conceded….and you weren’t dead on board.

    I think you got caught up in board state and drawing the land might have misled you. But Its something I have heard often. “Don’t concede until they kill you.”

    I mean, look at how the RDW player screwed up while you were in burst/bolt range…sometimes your opponent makes a mistake or just can’t get there.

    I like the videos. Just talk a bit more. Dead Air is taboo…and it is pretty bad at keeping people awake.

  5. I only saw game 1 as well, but I really liked it. Definitely coming back to see the rest.

    I agree with Luis though, talk a little more. It also wouldn’t hurt if you got a little more excited, you’re a little monotonous throughout :p

  6. Great videos ShipIt!

    So far went from 9 tix to 50 tix thanks to uw and your guidance!

    In the next video you do, could you possibly explain your sideboard changes from your last build to the current at the start of the video? It really helped when you did that in the pe you filmed.

  7. Good to see we’ve got another PTQ winner among our ranks. Welcome to the family, man.

    I’ll see you in Amsterdam (:

  8. @Aznsilly
    I plan on doing formats that are relevant for upcoming big events, things like the MOCs format, current PTQ format, and the upcoming PT formats. Unfortunately ZBC isn’t among those anymore.

    It’s hard because you never know when they’re gonna tank or how long they’ll just sit there. I’ll work on that though. I’ll see if I can whip that up for the next vid.

    I normally don’t scoop prematurely in such situations, but I felt my outs weren’t enough to warrant wasting any recording time.

    Sorry, I neglected to do that because the DE was about to start. Most of the changes were me accepting that Mythic isn’t a great matchup. The Needle was experimental and the Mind Control and 2 Essence Scatter are both known to be fine. I have a rather unique way of sideboarding that I will probably go over in the next vid.

    @Jeph Foster
    Yeah, should be pretty sweet. We’ll have to do some Extended testing online after M11 is out. Geez, just realizing that’s over a month away :/

  9. That was really well done and I’m not a Constructed guy. Solid explanations and tight game play. Really appreciate all the time you take to explain why you’re doing something.

  10. You seemed frustrated with your match three opponent yet his play doesn’t justify labeling him ‘an idiot’. One can make play mistakes plus carry an overall j/a demeanor and still be quite bright. After all Ad Hominem arguments and the people who make them are dumb!

    Great video and commentary, though! I suppose I should have opened with that.

  11. Great video I enjoy your commentaries keep it up

    Your Mulligan tips were also slightly helpful although its kinda annoying to have more than one jund match up just because of lack of variance on how your deck does overall.

  12. Really amazing videos!

    Please make loads more standard videos I can’t get enough of them :-)

  13. I was titling pretty bad in round 3 and wasn’t trying to insult the integrity of my opponent. He was playing slowly when he could have simply killed me if he played it correctly. I’ll try to keep that kind of emotion out of future vids as I know how bad it can look.

  14. It’s lovely to see players slowroll in events just as badly as they do in casual…oh well way to pull it out in m3g3, i was actually in suspense waiting to see if you won or not.

  15. Great video, nicely played! Enjoyed the presentation, very informative.

    Had a good laugh at the guy playing RDW when he Burst Lightning’d your Knight instead of your face.

    In regards to your talking, or lack thereof, I didn’t have a problem with it. You kept it relevant and to the point, and talked us through your thought process as you played/sideboarded/mulliganed.

    Looking forward to the next one!.

  16. Great video, glad to be able to follow another article on the website! The only critique I have is to speak louder in your microphone, I found it difficult to hear.

  17. So, you meet an opponent who is less skilled and/or experienced than you and you start insulting him? Very classy, sir.

    You did not want to “insult his integrity” by calling him stupid and an idiot? I wonder what you classify as in insult then.

  18. Love the videos, I’m a new player still in training. I started when Zen dropped. Now that I have played enough games both online and at my local shop I have gained a high interest in UW control. I love the concept. I plan to build a UW deck for my online play. Watching your videos definitely encourage the decision. Love your play by plays, keep up the good work. I like the full recordings vs playbacks because it allows me to get inside your head for every play.