Oath of the Gatewatch Visual Spoiler (Complete)

Deceiver of Form Eldrazi Mimic

Endbringer Kozilek, the Great Distortion

Kozilek's Pathfinder Matter Reshaper

Reality Smasher Spatial Contortion

Thought-Knot Seer Walker of the Wastes

Warden of Geometries Warping Wail

Eldrazi Displacer Affa Protector

Allied Reinforcements Call the Gatewatch

Dazzling Reflection Expedition Raptor

General Tazri Immolating Glare

Iona's Blessing Isolation Zone

Kor Scythemaster Kor Sky Climber

Linvala, the Preserver Make a Stand

Makindi Aeronaut Mighty Leap

Munda's Vanguard Oath of Gideon

Ondu War Cleric Relief Captain

Searing Light Shoulder to Shoulder

Spawnbinder Mage Steppe Glider

Stone Haven Outfitter Stoneforge Acolyte

Wall of Resurgence Abstruse Interference

Blinding Drone Cultivator Drone

Deepfathom Skulker Dimensional Infiltrator

Gravity Negator Prophet of Distortion

Slip Through Space Thought Harvester

Void Shatter Ancient Crab

Comparative Analysis Containment Membrane

Crush of Tentacles Cyclone Sire

Gift of Tusks Grip of the Roil

Hedron Alignment Jwar Isle Avenger

Negate Oath of Jace

Overwhelming Denial Roiling Waters

Sphinx of the Final Word Sweep Away

Umara Entangler Unity of Purpose

Bearer of Silence Dread Defiler

Essence Depleter Flaying Tendrils

Havoc Sower Inverter of Truth

Kozilek's Shrieker Kozilek's Translator

Oblivion Strike Reaver Drone

Sifter of Skulls Sky Scourer

Slaughter Drone Unnatural Endurance

Visions of Brutality Witness the End

Corpse Churn Drana's Chosen

Grasp of Darkness Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet

Malakir Soothsayer Null Caller

Remorseless Punishment Tar Snare

Untamed Hunger Vampire Envoy

Zulaport Chainmage Consuming Sinkhole

Eldrazi Aggressor Eldrazi Obligator

Immobilizer Eldrazi Kozilek's Return

Maw of Kozilek Reality Hemorrhage

Akoum Flameseeker Boulder Salvo

Brute Strength Chandra, Flamecaller

Cinder Hellion Devour in Flames

Embodiment of Fury Expedite

Fall of the Titans Goblin Dark-Dwellers

Goblin Freerunner Kazuul's Toll Collector

Oath of Chandra Press into Service

Pyromancer's Assault Reckless Bushwhacker

Sparkmage's Gambit Tears of Valakut

Tyrant of Valakut Zada's Commando

Birthing Hulk Ruin in Their Wake

Scion Summoner Stalking Drone

Vile Redeemer World Breaker

Baloth Pup Bonds of Mortality

Canopy Gorger Elemental Uprising

Embodiment of Insight Gladehart Cavalry

Harvester Troll Lead by Example

Loam Larva Natural State

Netcaster Spider Nissa, Voice of Zendikar

Nissa's Judgment Oath of Nissa

Pulse of Murasa Saddleback Lagac

Seed Guardian Sylvan Advocate

Tajuru Pathwarden Vines of the Recluse

Zendikar Resurgent Flayer Drone

Mindmelter Void Grafter

Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim Baloth Null

Cliffhaven Vampire Joraga Auxiliary

Jori En, Ruin Diver Mina and Denn, Wildborn

Reflector Mage Relentless Hunter

Stormchaser Mage Weapons Trainer

Bone Saw Captain's Claws

Chitinous Cloak Hedron Crawler

Seer's Lantern Stoneforge Masterwork

Strider Harness Cinder Barrens

Corrupted Crossroads Crumbling Vestige

Hissing Quagmire Holdout Settlement

Meandering River Mirrorpool

Needle Spires Ruins of Oran-Rief

Sea Gate Wreckage Submerged Boneyard

Timber Gorge Tranquil Expanse

Unknown Shores Wandering Fumarole

Wastes Wastes

 Mystic Gate

Sunken Ruins Graven Cairns

Fire-Lit Thicket Wooded Bastion

Fetid Heath Cascade Bluffs

Twilight Mire Rugged Prairie

Flooded Grove Ancient Tomb

Dust Bowl Eye of Ugin

Forbidden Orchard Horizon Canopy

Kor Haven Mana Confluence

Strip Mine Tectonic Edge



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