Peering Into Pauper: Commons Compleated

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  1. Pitlord’s (above) Poison Stompy deck should read as running 20 Forests, but our software is bugging out for some reason. Sorry about that.

  2. “Pitlord’s (above) Poison Stompy deck should read as running 20 Forests, but our software is bugging out for some reason.” – Fixed.

  3. I’m not really familiar with the pauper metagame, but do you really think Mutagenic Growth won’t be used in many different kinds of decks? I think that is the common spell which makes people most excited.

  4. I think the golem cycle cards are quite interesting, I can see a casual deck in there somewhere.

    And mutagenic growth is a great card, anything that is free is going to see play in a lot of decks across all formats. Especially mental misstep, which is going to be a 4-of in many many decks

  5. mental misstep is an uncommon so cant play in this format, but yes it’ll see play in eternal formats, probably not so much in T2.


  6. I can promise you that immolating soul stealer will see some play in burn or goblin decks trying to get tricky, heck any deck might play it as it will always be a threat to just end a game if you’re far enough ahead.

  7. Just some advice on better choices for that Infect deck:

    Lotus Petal – absolute must in securing turn 2/3 kills.

    Crop Rotation toolbox – throw in the lands that make you fly, or give you prot from a colour, and fetching them with Crop Rotation makes your 12 poison creature unblockable.

    Mutagenic Growth – while trample is a must, and +2/+2 isn’t THAT much, the fact that this is free will mean it’ll probably be a 2-of in the deck.

  8. Mutagenic Growth is a good card, and will probably see play in both stompy variants. It’s certainly correct in regular versions, though I’m more skeptical in infect builds since an extra 4 makes it half of their life total, while an extra 2 isn’t nearly as much.
    I’m not convinced on Souleater since he’s fragile and goes into a deck that usually mostly blanks opposing removal, making him a magnet for it.
    Lotus petal should probably be in the stompy build, but crop rotation seems too cute, and I don’t really want non-green producing lands in a deck with so few to begin with.