1. Additionally, the audio in Round 2 is a second or two ahead of the video. Technical issues aside, very enjoyable to watch, even with the misclicks and whatnot. I’m a sucker for WW decks (Craig Wescoe is my Magic idol), and as a Death & Taxes player I can get behind some hatebears. Thanks for the vids!

  2. Thanks for the comments. Fixed the first video link (sorry about that!), and regarding the second video, I’m not seeing the audio-video lineup problem. I’ll investigate further. (Is there a particular time when it starts?)

  3. Not sure, but I seem to recall it being present in game 2. It’s not a huge issue, though, so I wouldn’t worry about it if it doesn’t seem to be happening on your end.

  4. As mentioned before the video/audio is a few secs out of sync in game 2. (you name cards before they get played or drawn.) But well it doesn’t really disturb the gameplay, so if it’s a one time thing i wont care ^^. Thanks for the nice games!