Playing the Unplayable: Vintage Masters Drafting!

PlanetWalls celebrates the excitement of Vintage Masters online by drafting it several three times. Not only is this format fun, and like playing the lotto, but it also marks the first time on camera that PlanetWalls has captured the elusive Simian Grunts echo UI glitch.

You can find PlanetWalls on Twitter @PlanetWalls or @MTGOAcademy.

  1. Getting ready to watch these, but initial impression was the format is fun! Did my first draft last night … got Bazhara of Bagdad (along with Dack and a Taiga), Living Death, Reanimate, discard creatures, and a bunch of Golgari big butts … was able to get a board of two 7/7s that make 7 1/1s when they die and two 4/5s on turn five!

  2. I like it a LOT actually. It feels like Cube sometimes, but slowed down and with a decreased power-level like ME4, which I also liked. It’s a weird mix of swingy but inconsistent cards, and consistent but not over-powered cards.

  3. It was probably the early sound effects that threw you off in the third draft. It’s a warzone in there!

    Thanks for the videos. Can’t wait to give it a go!

  4. Did anyone see the UI bug in the Round 3 vid? If you have annotations on, I denote when it’s about to happen, and then a time to compare the UI later.

  5. Yeah! Super weird. I wonder if pressing ‘F2′ would have made it work correctly. The floating ‘No’ was pretty special. Not a floating Cancel, a floating ‘No.’ It’s like the UI was mocking you. “Pay the Echo?” “Okay?” “NO!”

    The sound you made upon clicking the ‘No’ was heartbreaking (and a little terrifying).

  6. I think the issue is that you had tapped your mana before clicking OK!

    Later on and when I have done it, you get the effect on the stack and you click OK – at that point the NO appears right where it did when you click on it – freaked me out the first time it came up, because I was like – “No, I want to pay, not click the NO button.” Then when you tap the mana is when the No disappears and the OK appears to the right of where the NO button is.

    When your glitch happened, you did have the mana in the pool already, but the OK button was not appearing, you probably would have had to undo the mana abilities and re-do them to get the OK button to appear.

    But don’t worry, all these problems go away soon with M15 and the mandatory switch to the BETA (sarcasm)!

  7. It’s not a bug… they changed the interface for Echo. That was listed in one of the recent “weekly updates new features – improved UI for echo and madness” on the website, but they didn’t explain there what they did to change it, so you didn’t find out until you were in game.

    Here’s my interpretation of how that came to be:

    WOTC digital team meeting, a typical morning in Renton:
    “Echo has had the same interface for years and years now. They players are used to it, but let’s improve it in the last few weeks before we make everyone switch to a new client.”
    “How about if we switch where Yes and No are?”
    “Sounds great! We are the best digital design team ever!”
    And scene.