Premade to Awesome #10: Temur Avalanche

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  1. This basic deck looks awful xD

    I agree about Heir and Icy being on the top, I’m not sure about the Rider. In Constructed, I guess we want to avoid as much as possible the tempo loss from morph, so it should essentially be a 5/5 Trample for 6 -including 3 colors. There’s worse, but I’m not sure that’s enough to be accepted at the 6 drop slot.
    I think i’d almost prefer some additionnal Avalanche tusker (which is a sad statement), even if it doesn’t trample, but it can come in play a bit earlier.

    I feel this deck’s really horrible somehow xD I’d probably tend to try to make more of an aggro-tempo version (if that works in constructed, no clue), and maybe force more on stuffs like Alpine grizzli, Aven, Heir, force away, lighting strike, bear punch, icy blast…. basically try to reduce the curve as much as possible while letting us live and attempt to give some early damage. Esp. since if we want it to curve out with the colors correctly half the time and on budget, we’ll need many gain-life dual lands, which will slow us even more and probably push the average X drop one turn later than it should, so the more expensive, the highest the chance of never being able to cast them.

    Even then, really got no clue if that would work. This one’s quite the puzzle :| (also, I don’t remember precisely the amount of card changes you were allowed per modification etc.)

  2. @dayawulf Did you enter your birth date first? If so, it’s probably a browser issue.

    Agree that there is a lot of room for improvement here. Swapping Runeclaw Bears for Heir or Aven seems pretty straightforward, but other relevant 2-drops for the deck could be Jeering Instigator for both early and late game or Rattleclaw Mystic. If the deck needs both ramp and fixing then Mystic should be good.

    Savage Knuckleblade is probably the strongest temur card in Khans, and not prohibitively pricey, but it does ask a lot of the deck in terms of fixing.

    Also this deck wants Sagu Mauler so bad.

    In temur colours, Secret Plans works for Card-draw much like Raiders’ Spoils, but currently the deck doesn’t have enough morphs for this. Temur Ascendency could also work, it synergises well with the deck, but is a lot slower and jankier.

  3. Hey Ergoogre, hey Magikado

    thanks for the comments! I am not sure if it is _that_ aweful. It may work against equally bad decks ;) So from your suggestions I conclude that we can go two ways. Highly aggressive with some early creatures or leaning more towards morph creatures with Sagu Mauler and Secret Plans. I am not decided on which route to take from here and will wait until the first three matches to make a decision.

    I agree that Savage Knuckleblade is probably the best creature out there for this deck. But that means we have to go with all three types of mana. Therefore we also need a couple of lands and Mystics to provide us with it. We’ll see how it works!