Rags to Riches: Week Eleven

Heya everyone,

We left off last week with a rather risky purchase of a narrow foil card from 10th EditionHurkyl’s Recall. I bought two of them for a total of around 14 tickets, but I was looking forward to sell or trade the card to a Classic foil fan for some profit. After some hurdles (mainly due to conflicting time zones), I sold one for 25 tickets and traded the other for a few nice singles (thanks Whiffy!).

I also put up an ad on classified to sell the foil Forks I acquired a while ago. The demand has cooled down significantly from a few weeks ago (as usual for scarcer promo cards), but I did sell one for 5 tickets. It’s not a fantastic amount of tickets but is still a profit of over 100%.

Even though I ran out of time to make additional trades, we boosted our ticket count substantially to give us more options in the future.

I’ll end with a brief update on our collection value- it is always given as bot buy price and displayed as ticket value (y-axis) over weeks (x-axis).

As you can see, we have basically finished half of our journey! A foil Force of Will should cost around 200 tickets, and due to the increased ticket count and larger inventory that we can leverage, I expect the next half of the journey to go much faster. We shall see if I am right! See you next week and happy dealing,


  1. I think you are right thinking the second half will go much faster. I hope you continue to do this or something very similar after you reach your goal.

  2. I’m interested in seeing what the major collection value amounts to- how many tix and what big cards?

  3. i make around 40tix each week trading on mtgo. i never got this foil business though, never would i have guessed a foil 10ed rare would be worth 25 tix to some people. seems there is still alot to improve for me.

    thanks for the article

  4. Really enjoying this series. Also it’s nice to read some articles rather than watch videos ;)

    Would you have any special tips for someone that’s starting the trading game on MTGO?

  5. Short and sweet, these articles. I like it :)

    I look forward to seeing what you’re going to do now that you have the big bucks/tix.