Rags to Riches: Week Thirteen

How time flies…

After a bit of break, I am back and looking forward to share my most recent trades with you! With the next set approaching, you can clearly see that people in the market are trying to accumulate tix to be ready for release week. We are still trying to sell some cards of course, but if a good deal shows up we will gladly invest our tickets. So let’s see what happened this time!

Well, it is a strange buy I have to admit. Let me try to explain; shortly before making this buy a rumor started spreading that Gigantomancer will combo extremely well with a card from Scars of Mirrodin. I will let you find out for yourself what that could be and if the hype is justified in any way. I made the purchase before I even knew why the card was supposedly good. Considering that it cost me less then one ticket to buy 14 of those, I’m not a taking a big risk. I am curious if this will turn out positive or if I acquired a bunch of useless bulk…

The next buy was much more straightforward – two solid M11 cards for two tickets. I have accumulated quite a bit of duals and will start to diversify a bit more so I don’t get stuck with to many of the same cards. I still think they are a solid choice if you can get them cheaply.

Of course we will not forget to check the “freebots”- why pass on free cards? I was able to get 64 of them again.

Then, I visited auction and bid on a DDF Elspeth, getting it for 9 tickets. That should be a solid deal, too. At least I saw two buy offers at that price on the board.

Auction brought me another card that will hopefully sell well- a foil Ulamog for 12 tickets.

That is all I got done for this session. I spent most of my tickets today (down to 7) but I am confident that we can sell some of the cards quickly when needed. I will focus on selling next time and will then update the collection value and ticket counts.

On a side note, I would also like to talk about a downside of trading online – scammers. A lot has been written about them and if you follow the public forums you will have no problem finding players that lose their cards/tickets/$ to various scams and ripoff artists. While there are several places where you can check for scammers, they all have an inherit weakness- if a person is not on a scammer list, it does not mean he is not a scammer! So instead MTGOAcademy will soon start an initiative called “Trusted User” where trustworthy players will be added over time. How do we know someone is trustworthy? We are going to add only people that have a long history of successful business with us or people in our network that we know are “clean.” We will carefully select names and getting on will not be easy, but it should be a valuable reference for anyone trying to sell, buy or trade. More details will be announced in our news when we launch.

Until then take care,


  1. Nice initiative with the “trusted sellers”-list and another good installment in the saga of the souped-up FoW.

    Keep ‘em comin’.

  2. I now own 18 Gigainomancers in the chance of the combobility (I always thought that card seems a little under valued to me). The best part is that one dollar wasn’t much to pay, and I probably could get at least that back at some point!

  3. The auction house has always seemed rather pointless to me unless I have 20+ tickets when I go there. I’m curious to see what this combo with Gigantomancer could be.

  4. I am pretty confident they don’t. I am not really a hoarder by any means and grabbing a dozen of a bulk rare every 4 month can hardly be bad for anyones business :-) Besides, I am still not convinced that this will prove beneficial for our collection value.

  5. Nope I love Marin. Feel free to buy some more gigantomancer’s as we have plenty on our bots. For every speculated card that is right there are usually 2 that are wrong. hehe. Great article Marin I always enjoy reading them.

  6. Glad you like it :-) It’s obviously not easy to predict trends and prices in such a volatile market such as MTGO. Sometimes it’s worth taking small risks for some nice profit.

  7. Interesting how Heath doesn’t care that you bought a bunch of a singe card from him, but when I tried to buy 8 of a single card, my transaction got cancelled.