Rags to Riches: Week Thirteen

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  1. Nice initiative with the “trusted sellers”-list and another good installment in the saga of the souped-up FoW.

    Keep ‘em comin’.

  2. I now own 18 Gigainomancers in the chance of the combobility (I always thought that card seems a little under valued to me). The best part is that one dollar wasn’t much to pay, and I probably could get at least that back at some point!

  3. The auction house has always seemed rather pointless to me unless I have 20+ tickets when I go there. I’m curious to see what this combo with Gigantomancer could be.

  4. I am pretty confident they don’t. I am not really a hoarder by any means and grabbing a dozen of a bulk rare every 4 month can hardly be bad for anyones business :-) Besides, I am still not convinced that this will prove beneficial for our collection value.

  5. Nope I love Marin. Feel free to buy some more gigantomancer’s as we have plenty on our bots. For every speculated card that is right there are usually 2 that are wrong. hehe. Great article Marin I always enjoy reading them.

  6. Glad you like it :-) It’s obviously not easy to predict trends and prices in such a volatile market such as MTGO. Sometimes it’s worth taking small risks for some nice profit.

  7. Interesting how Heath doesn’t care that you bought a bunch of a singe card from him, but when I tried to buy 8 of a single card, my transaction got cancelled.