Rhythmik Study: Going Rogue

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  1. I’m normally drawn more towards the rogue decks. There generally cheaper and barely played in addition they don’t have a defined list so even the mirror match can be interesting.

  2. I like the picture on the right :-D

    It is important to note that many rogue decks operate on a strategy others aren’t prepared for, and once it becomes even a somewhat known factor (the speed at which this happens is dependent on how much it dominates the particular tournament it comes out in) a lot of times the strategy is easily hosed with sideboard hate. therefore it is a good idea to keep brewing and coming up with good decks to exploit the metagame instead of assuming that a deck that breaks the format once will keep doing so!

  3. I like rouge decks, I have way more fun trying to play with and create them than I do with the main deck archtypes.

  4. @Aznsilly

    Decks that break the format rarely continue to do so, unless the deck is so degenerate that it takes extreme innovation, or new sets to be released to defeat the deck. See: Jund, Fae, Thopter Depths.

    The best idea is to always be a step ahead of the metagame. I explained this in one of my previous articles. Figure out the next big deck, and don’t play with it, play to beat it.

  5. I like Rogue decks too. Sometimes all you need is a pet card and a dream…although usually you have to accept it’ll remain second tier. That’s the hardest of being a Rogue Deck player, accepting when it’s just not good enough.

  6. Agreed Neros, it is always fun to create variants of rouge decks and they’re usually inexpensive. Jund, U/W control, and Mono red decks will always have there place but can be beaten by the rouge decks listed if played correctly.