Rhythmik Study: Next Level Ramp

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  1. round 3 you played your spells in terrible order. Should have explored before casting the growth spasm which means you don’t use up your Eldrazi token (since you had a second land in hand). The following Turn you should have cast the second Overgrown Battlement before casting the Titan so you could have a bigger board presence and more set up to cast an eldrazi the next turn (as you’d have almost emrakul mana)

  2. pretty sure it is called Mem-or-i-cide. Like suicide. You keep saying memory-side which was driving me nuts. Eldrazi Green is a strong deck. If you piloted it a bit better you would have won your games even easier. Each match against red you were dead to act of treason from the board but they never had it.

  3. I enjoy the standard coverage, especially about including Memorcide into the deck. I have a few criticisms here though. Did you not record round 1 on purpose because you lost? It would probably be more rewarding to view that round unless it was a serious case of mana screw because the other rounds your opponents seemed suboptimal. While their play skill isn’t your own fault, this makes the games less enjoyable to watch. I also realize that people get sick but maybe when you’re sick you shouldn’t be making these videos. Hearing you clear your throat every few minutes really bugged me and I purposely skipped around because of this.

  4. Mikey – I will be providing an update on the deck as soon as I can. Round 1 was a mirror match ended up being a case of my opponent hardcasting Emrakul Turn 5; right before I was about to hardcast my own, and Summoning Trapping into Emrakul on Turn 4 game two. Not much to watch in that match at all.

    My opponents were a bit sub-par, and I didn’t have as much time to test with this deck as I would have liked – partially because, as with anything in life, we all have deadlines. I tried a few different decks and audibled to this one as my favorite at the last minute. I’ve made several changes since the time this was recorded which I believe make the deck run a lot smoother.

  5. Thanks for the reply to my comment, looking forward to the next video and I am interested in the upcoming changes you made. Best of luck in the queues!

  6. Yeah if you guys liked the deck you should see the changes it’s got now. Pretty fun toy u got there Jeph :)

  7. Wow. It is possible to misplay mono green.

    Did you ever consider that Khalni Garden is in fact a land? Why the hell do you leave titan back to block?

  8. I do not like this guy. He makes ridiculously horrible plays. There are much better players to watch on this site.

  9. You know what is awkward? Watching pornography with your parents. Every other play by your opponent is not; change it up.

    Otherwise, great videos.

  10. Keep in mind that Eye of Ugin doesn’t actually care if it is an Eldrazi when it comes to searching your library. For that it only cares about “colorless creatures”. The obvious upside is synergy with Wurmcoil Engine but the real value here is that you can expand your sideboard options a bit by considering 1-ofs that might solve specific metagame problems.

    Considering that, I think there is a fair case to be made for replacing Back to Nature with a card like Sylvok Replica. What you lose in not having gloval removal is easily made up in the fact that the Replica is easily searched up in your deck (considering all the land search you have) and that replica solves more problems than just enchantments.