Rise of the Eldrazi: A Draft Primer

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  1. One of the better draft sets. And you did a good job reviewing ROE.

    Sometimes Pro’s think too much, they try always to play around card xyz. But it is no shame to lose against PV, because you gave him too much credit ;)
    Pro’s are still humans, they all make mistakes. I don’t know but after playing 8 rounds of Magic, are you still 100% concentrated?
    Is there a Magic game whitout any play errors?

  2. Awesome content, Simon, as usual! Having one article that describes the format very well and links to all important sources is greatly appricated. It is time for Rise of the Eldrazi, folks!

  3. My favourite author does a in-depth on one of my favorite draft formats. Win!

  4. Didn’t really mention Kor Spiritdancer. I wasn’t playing when ROE came out, but from the draft videos I’ve seen, it + totem armor seems good. Obviously you shouldn’t build around this as your only strategy, but is it worth at least trying to play white if you open it first pack?

  5. Also, if anyone can suggest first pick ratings. This is always something I have trouble with drafting an unfamiliar format. Like, if you see a great rare ramp spell first pack, and an ulamog, should you go for the ramp and then hope for a later ulamog, or another pack, etc? I’m a lot better at sealed than draft for this reason, draft definitely takes a fine tuned understanding of card value that I’ve never been great at.

  6. As someone who stopped playing Magic for a big stretch of time and only in the past year gotten back into it, I love when older formats show up to draft on Magic Online and I love playing them and getting to experience sets that I missed out on. However, it can be a huge disadvantage when playing them to have no experiences with the format. That’s why I’m so glad to see this kind of article. It certainly won’t make up for not having played the format, but it does a ton to bridge that gap and give players like me a decent chance to do well in these drafts.

    Thanks so much for this and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of these down the road with other older sets that get brought back to draft.

  7. It was a very pleasant surprise to see “out of schedule” content from you. The timing is perfect and the info you compiled is a great refresher for the format. Are you going to make similar articles for other old formats?
    The only suggestion I would like to make is that maybe you can draft RoE for your next regular submission and then combine it with this article (tutorial?).

    Thanks for making this!

  8. @TexRob the LSV-Ratings are good for starters. I tend to draft something like this:
    First Bombs, then Removal, then solid stuff that keep me open (I don’t like to commit too much with my First Pick). I also tend to take rare over uncommen/common or uncommen over commen.
    I think i would go with Ulamog over ramp, but that all depends on the rest of the booster.

  9. Wow, never read one of your articles before but they are awesome! Thank you!

  10. Incredible article, probably the best and most detailed draft primer I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Very helpful. Thank you.

  11. This is my first time reading an article on this site, and now I’ll check back for more. Extremely good draft article, REALLY looking forward to the rest in the series! I hope you’ll be able to cover every block eventually!

  12. Glad you folks liked Simon’s work. We’ll be hosting additional primers for other blocks, written by other experienced players.

  13. Prety good, but I stop reading could have been make better pro, IMO of course. Basical it is because Theros’ limited is a better draft format and of course Thermos is more relevent.

    But good article’s anyway, I like good writen strategy’s.

  14. Too bad this didn’t get up until day 3 of ROE-drafting… allready did 4 drafts, they might have gone a lot better if i read this in advance !
    But it was great to read, allthough i allready know all the cards good, it still is a plus to get it all together again for a nice overview.

  15. knx – This article has been around for a few months – it was just returned to the main page because of the format’s brief return, I think.