Simon Says #73: Plea for Power (VMA 8-4)

For this episode, I take a look at the Vintage Masters commons that I’ve drafted the most. In which archetypes do they belong, and why do I favor them? Check out this episode and let me know which cards you’ve drafted the most!

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  1. I really don’t see using the kindle on a bird in g2m1, considering you knew you were going to get him down to 4 since he didn’t leave enough blockers and since you still had a lot of burn left in the deck. Great content otherwise, keep it up! :)

  2. In round 2 game 1(18 minutes), couldn’t you just chain lightning kong ming to not take lethal then crack back for the win?

  3. RW aggro was the best deck in the format until everybody started gunning for it. Actually it is the white everyone is going for now with the Battle Screeches being 1st pickable! The white is getting watered down that other decks are able to hold their own more. But white is still a great combo with red!