Simon Says #74: Brainwreck (VMA 8-4)

The first few drafts, I get to know a format. After 10 drafts, I know what I want. After 20, I really like my decks. After 30, the madness starts.

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  1. spoilers

    Who wrote the description!? Why wasn’t this a madness deck? I’ve been HAD.

  2. Simon’s surprise at suddenly being in storm was awesome. I too went in expecting madness, but I was so pleasantly surprised to check out some storm insanity!

  3. I’ve had the same thing happen in VMA where you start out (and sometimes finish with) just a pile of crap going around. Nothing with any synergy to anything else. At least you got fed half a busted a storm deck at the back end and would have won if you hadn’t run into the most insane goblin deck I’ve ever seen in the format. Always love your stuff, Simon.



  4. Match 3, game 2, I think you missed the kill. When he casts the Beetleback Chief, instead of countering it you could have cast the Frantic Search, tapped all 4 lands to Gush, then hit him with both Brainfreezes, for 4 copies (12 cards) and 5 copies (15 cards) which would leave him one card in his deck. At the 19 life you had (and the incoming attack from the lone Skirk Prospecter) even a Clickslither wouldn’t have been lethal during that next (and his last) combat step. Hard play to see though. :)

  5. R1G2 (min17): You was kinda surprised about his Circular Logic, but it was rather obvious he had it imo: He casted Mongrel and you Counterspell (leaving open 2). He started tapping mana (UG) before realizing that he hadn’t enough cards in the graveyard (2). But in your turn you had enough cards (3) and you not enough mana open (1).

  6. @gigz: yeah. Also in that case Simon has still the Counterspell left for counter whatever his opponent plays on his last turn.

    I haven’t seen that myself, but would have simple not have played that Brain Freeze and waited a bit more (probably casting Mana Prism next turn to develop the mana for the final turn). 2 free spells +Double Brain Freeze are nearly lethal alone, so adding more mana to cast some spell would be a good idea (or realizing that all spells are instant and the opponent added one spell ;) )