Simon Says #76: Notable Cards and Magic 2015 Draft #2

In this episode’s opening discussion, I present some of the notable M15 Limited cards. Which cards should be on your radar at all times, and which pitfalls are there to maneuver around?

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  1. In m1g3, I think using the pilgrim to search up the oppressive rays for the Yessan is a mistake – better to take a marked by honor to make sure the pegasus can become a threat on it’s own if something takes down the seraph.

  2. Swiftclaw vs Kinsbale Skirmisher is a really interesting pick. The presence of cards like Forge Devil and Raise the Alarm speaks in favor of the Skirmisher, but there are also quite a few 2/3′s that blanks it ie. Living Totem, Witch’s Familiar, Aeronaut Tinkerer, Midnight Guard. I think it depends on your deck and how valuable a +1/+1 is.

  3. It seemed black was very open, especially in pack 2. If you’d taken the soul, there were two Stab Wounds and some nice black removal to go along with it.

    Thanks for the vids, I’m Learning a lot!

  4. Would also like to comment on the flavor of you pronouncing it “Kraut’s Favor”, given that you are German :)

  5. The win in round 3 was amazing considering Simon was ‘stuck’ on four land and got festergloomed.

    The opening discussion looked very professional and was as instructive as ever. I look forward to more discussions about the current set whatever there is left to talk about (maybe more on M15 deck archetypes? Under-performing or over-performing cards?). I’m always looking for more limited advice.

  6. @kezzer
    just dont watch it and be fine if others decide otherwise?
    i like his content and i learn a lot from him

  7. Nice draft!
    But even with the kind of “misplay” on the last few minutes, by not playing around Festergloom, I don’t think you can say you didn’t really deserve to win because of that.
    Just the fact that you win even with that misplay says a lot on your deck and the way you made it perform, don’t be too harsh on yourself there ^^

  8. Thanks, Simon – yet another deeply informative set of videos. You make, imho, the best of these kinds of instructional videos, and I appreciate your help in my quest to get better at drafting.

    To that end: I was puzzled by your P2 P3 pick of Rummaging Goblin over Krenko’s Enforcer. True, the enforcer is double red, but doesn’t it better fit your evasive/aggro plan?


  9. Boros takes another one – between my experience with VMA and then M15, I am color blind to the other colors. I know there are powerful cards in all the colors, I can only see Red and White – can’t wait to add Black to the mix in October!

    Thanks for the content, Simon! Keep up the good work with the opening discussions – sets you apart from other video drafters! Also saw you attempt to stream the other day – don’t let one disappointing first outing stop you – get the kinks figured out and keep going for it!